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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ugliest Dog in the WORLD!!!

All right. If you saw an ugly dog, would you let the owners know? Would you cross the street and not even touch the dog with a 10 foot pole? Or even worse, would you pretend he's the cutiest thing in the world while holding a straight face?

I know boxers can be ugly, (I'm an expection of course. Everyone knows I'm handsome and a stud.) but damn, my boxer-mix friend on the left is UGLY! Pabst is his name and he's a 4 year old boxer mix. But I'm proud of him 'cause he was crowned the WORLD'S UGLIEST

DOG at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in northern California. It's tough for a boxer to win anything these days. We hardly win best in show, we not the best at agility, and we definitely not good at herding. So kudos to Pabst, the ugliest dog in the world.

"He's ugly, but in a cute way." I hear that all the time.

Now check out ugly dog number 2. It seems chinese crested dogs always get a bad wrap for being ugly. It's like they started off life with a disadvantage already, being ugly. The hairless kind especially. Miss Ellie here won ugliest out of her pedigree. I agree hands down. No question about how ugly she is. Check that tongue out. Tuck it in or it might get caught in something girl. I would definitely not tap that. Uhhhhh.

The closest thing I'd ever win is, THE MOST HANDSOME BOXER EVER, or the SEXIEST LADIES MAN EVER. Too bad no contest for that. If we had the most rotten teeth contest, I'd probably win that too.


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