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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flunked the STAY test.

Just to update you folks, Dad is ok but his knee is still bleeding. I can smell the blood from here.
He took me to class today and I had so much fun! I did everything Ms. Glenny told me to except the STAY command. She tricked me! I thought we were playing.

During class I got to demonstrate the FOCUS command with distractions to the WHOLE freaking class. I'm so popular but I'm no teacher's pet or anything you know. Oh, I was so good at it! Then we did emergency drop commands which I aced again. And again, I got to show the class how to dart through the agility tunnel. I'm a prostar....but I got in trouble with the STAY command.

"Brix, what's wrong with you. We do these all the time. The STAY command should be easy." Dad was getting frustrated.
"I wanna play with Ms. Glenny. Look she's running now! She's skipping! She's looking at me to play," I exclaimed.
"Brix, STAY." Dad commanded in a firm tone.
"Oh, a ball, let me have it!" That's my favourite.
"BRIX!!!!!!" Dad was fuming at this point.
"Good everyone, excellent with the stays, except for Brix." Ms. Glenny announced.
"What? We were doing the STAYS. Really?" Oops, oh well Dad will forgive me.

But he didn't. We got home and I had to study the STAY again, working in small increments and little distractions. I swear Dad should have joined the army. He's such a drill Sergeant.
Well, that's my life as a dog. How did yours go?


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