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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad Manners

As a boxer dog, one thing we do best, other than farting, is boxing!  I like to think I box like Roy Jones Jr. or Ali.  Dad tells me my boxing ways get me into trouble. 

Yesterday was our 2nd last class.  Ms. Glenny says I have improved!  But Dad then added I still wasn't ready for the CGN test.  Ms. Glenny agreed.  During the ride home, I asked Dad:

"Pops, what's the CGN test?"
"CGN is the canine good neighbout test."
"Does that mean I suck and no bitch will ever like me?"
"It means you need to work on your manners.  You have some bad manners boy.  As for the bitches, I'll choose a good one for you. You like chinese?"
"What? Chinese? Ah c'mon Dad....I don't want no chinese crested bitch..."
"What's wrong with Chinese, you don't like my heritage son?"

Later that night I looked up what the CGN test was all about.  It seems like a series of 12 tests to evaluate the dog and owner.  It is to demonstrate the confidence and control of dog and owner.  I found myself thinking about the others in the class.  They said Bosley was ready.  What's he got that I don't got huh?   He has good greetings.  I kind of have good greetings.  I like to box and wiggle when I greet new people. Maybe jump up at them occassionally.  Bosley sits when he greets a dog.  I can do that too, if I wanted to but I'm a socialite.  I like to be up in your face, "...hi how's it going. I'm Brix! I'm a brindle boxer. What's your name what's your sign?  "  Maybe that's why I can't get a girl.


Next week is graduation.  I better get to studying.  Mom took time off to see me. So  I hope I make her proud.


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