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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boxer Pet Peeves

B-Stud here once again and Dad has been having an ongoing discussion about Boxer Pet Peeves.

So far boxer owners have said their pet peeves are:

1. Farting - we let 'em rip and we do it silently too.
2. Drooling - and then stepping in our drool. Yes, we like doing that.
3. Ear flapping - to the point where we wake people up, and then drooling while doing so.
4. Hyperness - we go 100 mph all the time! Oh and get out of the way!
5. Stepping on feet - hey we like to be close to our masters. We like jumping up on people too. Careful kids, we like jumping on you too.
6. Panty Thief - we like sniffing panties, and sometimes we eat them too.  Yummm.
7. Disobedience - we listen when we want to, the rest of times, we like doing 1-7.

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  1. Gee - my dogs must be boxers too.....Rusty specifically is known to all for all except 3...then Lulu picks up the slack

  2. They are panty thieves too? =)