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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boxer Catches Frisbee

Over the years Dad has taught me much.  He recently even tried to make me become a poo/ pee detection dog for the twins but that didn't work out.  I wonder what Dad will teach me this year?  He probably doesn't have any time now.

Last winter, we worked on catching a frisbee.  I love frisbees.  Here's a short clip of me in action.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Boxer Dog and Twins

"I swear I didn't make them cry"

At the end of August, Mommy and Daddy brought home two new critters to the pack.  Now I'm the Omega, the bottom of the pack.  You know how that makes me feel?  I feel pissed.  I was the first one in the family and now all of a sudden, the twins arrive and I'm dead last.  I don't think so!

That's why I haven't posted because I'm been too angry.  Mom and Dad can go a whole day without even saying hi to me, patting my head, or taking me for a walk.  Just look at my paws....my nails are starting to curl over!

Don't get me wrong, the twins are great, but what about me?  Nobody gives me any attention.  I have to force myself into Mommy's lap, or climb up on Dad to get some attention here.  I'm just a boxer dog wanting some attention.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Somebody Kicked Me

It takes a "real" man to pose beside pink balloons.  Yet another one of Dad's "...this would make a great shot..." moments.  Why are there pink balloons in the first place?  Mom had a surprise baby shower this weekend and all her yoga friends came over to decorate.  As Dad puts it, " The female to male ratio in this household will soon be in favor of the females.  We need to reclaim our dignity here."  Sometimes I think Dad is turning into a girl himself.  He's starting to wear girly sandels around the house.

This week has been great.  Mom started her maternity leave and is home everyday now.  One afternoon we were watching TV.  Mom was on the floor by the couch and I was curled up, as best I could, in her lap. 

"Brix, why do you have to sit in Momma's lap.  You know you can't fit here."
"I'll just put my head on your belly Momma.  It's ok.  "
"Ok....while you're there try to listen to your sisters."

So I put my head on Mommas belly.  I tried to listen to my twin sisters in Momma's belly, but I couldn't hear or smell anything.  I started to fall asleep and eventually dozed off.

BAM!!!!  All of a sudden, a sharp jolt penetrated my face!  "What was that?!?! Such powerful force"  I said to myself as I jumped across the room looking to Mom for answers.

"OK, Mom, very funny, you didn't have to hit me to let me know it's time to get up.  Sheesh."
"Brix, it wasn't me.  One of your sisters kicked you!  You should have seen the look in your face.  Aww....I should have video taped it!"
"She's in trouble....when she gets out I'm going to....."
"Oh, she's kicking again.  Come feel them Brix.  Mom put my paw on her tummy.  Despite all our efforts, I didn't feel them again.
"She's going to get it when she comes out.  I don't know who it was....but somebody is gonna get it."

How dare my sisters kick me in the face.  Those tiny feet, tiny toes got some power I must admit.  When these girls come out, I'm going to whip them into shape, just like Dad whipped me into shape.  The girls cannot over rule this household.  I must teach them who's boss here and the first rule of course....: no kicking!


P.S.  My Buddy Russell visited me last week.  He's a tea cup Yorkie and man, this guy can move in all sorts of directions.  He's all over the map.  Talk to you soon buddy Russell.  Sorry for scaring you....I'm like a giant compare to you!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

White vs. Brindle Boxer

As Mom opened the door to my cage she said,
"Brix, today you're going to meet a friend!" 
"Who are we meeting Momma?"
"Well, you're going to meet another boxer....from Edmonton."
"From Edmonton???"

Now I've never heard of the place but nobody from Edmonton is going to come into my house and just expect me to welcome them.  This is my house. 

"Oh, here they are.  Be on your best behaviour Brix."
"Yeah, sure Mom, let me see who this......"

Before I could finish my sentence, the door flung open and a rush of white hit my eyes.  I thought I was blind for a second.  Then I heard the sniffing and I could smell the presence of another dog.

"Holy crap, you're white!  Let me have a sniff here....oh....and you haven't hit puberty yet..and you're a male.  Why Mom?  You could have set me up with a female at least."
"Hi, my name is Poncho.  I'm 1 yrs old!  Yay!  And I'm a white boxer.  Love my coat? Yay!"
"Ugghhh....great....just what I need, a little kid to watch over.  Look kid, beat it.  I'm not in the mood for play time."
"I wanna play, let's go out, oh are these your toys.  Can I play....hey look, there's a person outside...arf arf arf!"
"Quit it kid, this is my hood, and don't touch my toys."

Soon after Mom and her friend took us all out for a walk.  Not long after Dad also arrived and snapped some shots of us...mainly Poncho because I didn't want to play with a dude.

"What's the matter Brix," asked Dad.
"Could have told me you were setting me up with a guy.  I told you I'm not gay.  I like bitches!  I want bitches!  Female dogs Dad, you get it?"
"C'mon Brix, be respectful of others.  You were exactly the same as he was when you were young.  They've come a long way to see you.  Put on a smile."

I just wasn't in the mood for playing but he wasn't as bad as I thought.  He wasn't rude, he was like a kid on a sugar rush.  Dad was right though, he did remind me of myself when I was a young pup.  Course, I'm more studlier.  *sigh*  The good old days of puppyhood.  Poncho did bring back memories of my early years.  Here are the pics of our playdate.  Enjoy.. 


PS.  You're all right kiddo but I check me out ....I still got some hops over the hurdle!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Vomiting and the Animal Hospital

The Animal Hospital is the last place you want to be.  Mom and Dad definitely did not expect me to be there and therefor it has been a long time since the B-Stud posted to my fans.

I stayed at the Animal Hostpital for a day.  Earlier in the week I was vomiting, liquid bile mainly but it did not seem to get better.  The Doc also said I had a fever and they suspected it would be pancreatitis again.  It was the mystery vomiting again.  Out of the blue, I was just vomiting.  No knows why.

After being admitted to the hospital, they probed me like an alien.  They took blood, they shaved a bit of my arm to put an IV in me for fluids and I mainly stayed in isolation.  I saw some other dogs but I wasn't in the mood for talking.  Most of the dogs were just puppies.  One little guy with a cone around his neck asked me.

"Hey mister.  What are you in for?"
"Vomiting, dehydration, and a fever.  Can't you tell.  I'm so skinny." 
"That's nothing.  I got my balls chopped off this morning."
"Yeah, me too, 2 years ago.  They made you wear that stupid cone too huh?"
"Yeah, but it will be ok.  This too shall pass."

I was hoping the nightmare would pass.  The animal hospital during the night isn't exactly the best place to sleep.  One dog just kept barking like it was possessed or saw a ghost.  Why can't I go home.  If I wasn't better by the morning, I would have to stay another day and I know Mom and Dad would freak out.  So I tried my best to get better.

The next morning I was cleared to go home thankfully.  My fever had disappeared, I was holding down my food and my test results were back.  I heard the conversation the doc had with my Dad.

" We got the results in for Brix.  He doesn't have pancreatitis.  I thought for sure it was, but we did a specific test for it this time, and it was way low. So I'm confident it's not pancreatitis.  We'll give him some antibiotics just in case and he can go home today"

When I saw Dad I did my famous kidney bean dance for him.  The vomiting still remains a mystery but now Dad is feeding me smaller meals and more frequently.  It is helping so far but I have lost a lot of weight.  I look like a stray dog but Dad says, it takes time to put the weight back on.  Please pray that I can get back to at least 52 lbs!

On a side note, my boxer buddy Woody was diagnosed with dog meningitis which is serious.  I hope we get to see him back at the campus.  We are praying for you too buddy.  I know how scary it feels.  Praying you buds.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Surprise

Yup, I fell off the face of the Earth for a while and with good reason.  Mom and Dad never told me they were going to Spain for 2 weeks!  They didn't even take me!  Left me here at Grandpa and Grandmas.  I thought I was visiting gramps, and next thing you know....hey....where did Mom and Dad go?  Everyday at 6pm, I waited at the door for them.  Did they return....nooooo!

So when they finally came back....I barked at Mom....because she looked different.  She just looked different from the last time I saw her.  I think her tummy looked bigger.

"Oh Brix, you love Momma right?"
"Well let me think...somebody went to Spain....and I had to stay here...."

But before I could finish Mom interrupted me.

"Brix, I have a surprise for you."
"This better be good Mom cause you know you owe me huge...."
"You're going to be a big brother."
"Big brother...what do you mean...you're getting another dog?  How dare you....are you replacing me already....."
"Brix....relax.....Momma is pregnant!"

Pregnant? Now I'm not sure what pregnant means but does this mean Momma's giving birth to puppies....'cause I'm not sure how it works.

"Brix....you're going to be a big brother to not only to one baby, but two!  We're having twins!"

I stood like a statue.  Momma's having a litter of puppies?  What does twins mean?  Then Dad smacked my head.

"Momma's having 2 human babies you goofball."
"Oh...Momma's having human babies and two!  Wow!"

I'm going to be a big brother to two human babies!  I've never been around babies before.  What are they like?  Dad said not to worry....'cause he doesn't know what he's doing either...but said, we'll all get thru it somehow.

Does this mean I'm still the omega?  'Cause I was here first and I think I should get promoted.  What do you guys think?


Saturday, February 26, 2011

At the basement Spa

Today, Dad decided I needed a bath.  The last one I took was probably in summer....I forget.  I went over to Grandpa and Grandma's place this week and they said I stink.  Nice to see you too Gramps.
Dad hasn't given me a shower because of the cold weather and he says there's no where in the house where he can put me in and wash me.

Well today he put me in the basement sink and I was stressed out.  This is not the way to wash a dog!

After the wash, of course Dad had to take more portraits of me and my clean body.

And just for doing that....I soon vomited all my breakfast on the basement floor.  That's what you get for stressing me out Dad.  Clean it up.  I'll train you!


Monday, February 21, 2011

New Car?

This week Dad went to the Canadian Auto Show and left me home again.  Dad said he'd be a "couple" hours.  I didn't know a couple means 6 hours.  Mom was also at work and so I was home alone again.

When Dad came back he showed me pictures of the Toyota Highlander. 

"Brix, if we can afford this, you'd live like a king."
"Why is that Dad?"
"Well check out the trunk.  It has 2 extra seats where you could go.....or we could put your crate right into the back here and you can peep your head out.  Look there's even heater vents here to keep you warm.  It's got so much space!"
"Sounds nice Dad...but we don't need a new car."
"It's just nice to dream....."
"And it's too expensive right Dad?"
"That too....that's why you have to find a job Brix...."

I ain't finding no job.  My job is to be lazy.  I know I'm a working dog and all....but I work hard for my food.  I jump thru hoops, close doors, spin and do tricks.

"Anyways Dad, I don't need a car.  We should walk more...."

But Dad didn't hear me 'cause he went upstairs to look at the rest of the photos. 

*sigh* When is spring coming???


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back to Doggie Daycare

Mom and Dad finally brought me back to the daycare!  At the daycare, it's a melting pot of all kinds of dogs from different cultures.  We have my buddy Tungsten from Israel.  He's a Caanan.  Then we have Furio, our Italian Cane Corso.  Garth the Weimaraner, from Germany.

Anyways, theyz all cool but I had eyes on only one dog today....Hannah the black beauty.  After we broke up, last I heard, she was wit Kona and some other husky types.  Now that I've come back, I think we made up and wez friends again.  She put on some weight but I'm not going to tell her that.

We just hung out and talked good old days.  I missed her.  Here we are just talking.... Here I am just getting my beauty sleep...

Here's Hannah getting her beauty sleep too...
Then we got to chatting...she offered to help me lick my paws...but I saw naw....
 Here's an akward moment because I made a smelly fart but Hannah pretended not to smell it.
 Maybe she caught a wiff of it now.
She must have smelt it but is putting on a good face right now.
She definitely smelt my bomb and has now left to the other side of the room.
It's only natural to fart I say.....


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I haven't been updating...

Apparently Dad said this week was Chinese New Years and started to give me commands in Chinese.  Dad is weird.  Even Mom thinks so too.  Anyways, happy New Year to all my doggie friends...even though I'm not Chinese.

So what's been happening lately?  Why have I not updated in almost a month?  That's because Dad never lets me on the computer now....all he does is look at instructional videos about hockey, stick handling, puck control, and drills.  Any chance he gets, Dad will flee to the outdoor rink 5 mins from our house and play for hours!  He even brought Uncle Jimmy to practice at the rink last week   The funny part is, Dad is old and he's playing with little kids between 6-12 years old.  One night, Dad came home after playing some teenagers and he told us one of them asked him....

"...hey...do you go to Brother Andre high school?...."

Dad didn't even know how to respond he told us.   

"...mmm no....I'm twice your age...."  
" ... you're good for an old guy...."

I guess Dad is living his childhood now. He's also using the computer way too much because of his new camera lens he bought.

So in summary, I've been neglected.  My paw nails are long, and curling over.  I stink 'cause Dad hasn't given me a bath since the summer.  I need to be groomed.  My teeth...let's not go there.  But on the bright side, I'm gaining back some of the weight I lost after my incident at xmas time.  I wish Dad would take me back to the daycare 'cause I hear it is newly renovated and bigger than ever!   

*sigh* ....winters suck.....

So I'll just leave you with some new pics of me as Dad was trying out his new lens.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Photos of Me

Mom and Dad have been busy lately.  I don't know what they have been up to lately.  They seem to pay less attention to me now.  We haven't been on a walk lately either.  Dad says it's the weather and how it's not good for me paws!

So Dad has been working on his photography and trying to get better pictures with his new camera.  So this post is just going to be photos of me. 

Have a look at me lazing around...


Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Xmas, another New Year.

Did you know I have my own brand of chocolate...Mom and Dad found this at the shops in Don Mills. Speaking of chocolate, it was a bad Xmas and New Years for me. 

Many of you know by now, I ate 24 shortbread cookies, (some with chocolate) over the holidays.  I was really sick.  Diarrhea first then came the vomiting.  The vomiting was so bad, that even having water started to make my tummy go crazy.  I don't know what was going on and neither did Mom or Dad.  I wasn't able to eat anything and I lost so much weight.

Dad brought me into the vet,where I received medication and antibiotics.  While everyone was partying it up, I slept in my bed...hours on end.  For 5 days I barely ate anything.  Plain white rice was in order for me.  The bones of my rib cage were showing and Mom had to put a shirt on me to hide them.

I didn't get to open my presents until closer to New Years.  I was getting better but looking in bad shape.  My once muscular, jaw dropping, studly frame, transformed into what you would see from a stray dog on the streets.  Nonetheless, I was still my old jolly self.

Here's a picture of me and all my presents. 

The raccoon in front of me is my favorite.  I whine when I don't get to play with that one.  That's from my teacher Ms. Glenny.  Actually all of them are my favorites but Mom and Dad only let me play with one toy so far. 

This year, Mom and I bought Dad a good DSLR camera...finally!  Dad can now take better pictures of me and Mom.  Thinking about it now, Dad hasn't even said thanks to me for his gift!

Want to see some pics with the new camera?  They are mainly of me during my recovery period.

Looking onwards to 2011....I am still thinking about my goals.  My main goal right now is to gain weight and to get better.  Send me good vibes furry friends.