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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stealing Salmon like a Ninja!

Hey folks, I hardly have internet access these days and I've been recovering from diarrhea. Still skinny as usual but doing and feeling better. For about a week Dad had me on a strict diet during my diarrhea episode. My butt accidently exploded waste onto Dad's hand and jacket. Oops, sorry Dad, I was sick..and by the way Dad....Raptors SUCK!...get a new jacket!

Dad put me on plain rice for a bit and then slowly added my regular food. We finally found out if you overfed me, I'd get diarrhea. So after being on a bland diet for a week, I decided yesterday, I wanted something different.

Grandpa Parcon went grocery shopping yesterday and was cooking it up in the kitchen. "Damn that smells good Grandpa!" I said to myself. "Let's check out what he's doing." So I follow my nose into the kitchen. There he was, mixing and stirring a pot by the stove. Behind him was the kitchen island where I find good treats sometimes. I took a look at him. "Hmmm, back turned." I creeped closer to the island counter.

Just like how I stole chicken, I put my paws two front paws on the counter. "Ohhh man. Jackpot! Salmon!" Mom love salmon but this was all mine. Dad suddenly moved, but walked into the living room, back still turned. I pawed the salmon towards my mouth and using that long tongue of mine, gulped 4 pieces. That's right 4 pieces and no one even heard me! I'm such a ninja but when I put my two paws back on the ground, my stupid chain rattled.

"Brix. You in the kitchen?"
"Just getting some water Grandpa."
"Ok. Time to cook the salm....hey! What the...!?!"

Oh the look on his face, it was a kodak moment. I got punished for sure, and curse words started flying. I could even hear Grandpas heartbeat get faster. But it was worth it, the salmon was so good. Why do humans eat so well? Then Dad come home 2 hrs later....

"Hey why is Brix in his cage."
"You son took my salmon. 4 pieces!"
"What? Again?"

Dad's face was classic too.

"Brix, you think you're a ninja? What 'till you move into our new house...no food for you!"
"Sure Dad, like I believe you. Actually I do, you can't cook."

That one hurt Dad and that night he didn't give me my full amount of food. That's another adventure in the life of a stud. It's good being a dog.