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Specs Dogs is a collection of boxer dog stories told from the eyes of Brix, the boxer dog. He is also known as the B-Stud. From these boxer stories, we learn of the joys and pains of puppy-hood to adult life. Along the way, boxer dog and owner learn to strengthen their human to canine bond thru training, playing and just being plain silly. Enjoy!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dog Bullying Turns Bloody


Remember back in puppy school there was always that one bully dog.  You know the one sneaking a bite from your lunch, taking and running off with your toys, or annoying the heck out of you.  That bully dog would be me!  They call me the Brix Bully, Bully Brix, Brix the Boxer Bully....and the list goes on.  So on Wednesday, the bully got bullied, and I deserved it.

It was a usual day at the daycare, Tungsten and me assuming the number 1 and 2 dogs respectively as usual.  I was getting a little bored and noticed a golden doodle, Nixon, prancing around.

"Yo Tungsten, check this out.  See that golden doodle, I'm going to show him what it takes to be top dog here.  How much you wanna bet that I can just go up, hump the crap out of him and he won't care."
"Careful B, there's no need to disturb the pack structure, he's not even a threat to us."
"It will be fun, besides, it's hump day today."

And with that I got up, chest out, and strutted over to Nixon.  As I approached him face to face, I made my move, turned for the butt and began the full fledged hump action, legs pumping hard.

"What da f***, get off me man, I'm warning you!  Back off perv. Disgusting."  Nixon barked.
"Oh, so you think you're tough now eh?  Ok fine."

As soon as Nixon turned his head, I came back in with a flying hump.

"HEY!  I'm warning you the second time now.  I will hurt you."  Nixon's lips curled a bit showing his teeth.
"What are you going to do, karate chop me?  Cry to Mommy?  BStud humped me today mommy whah whah whah!"

Nixon trotted off and I stalked him. This time I was going to try for a side flying hump with more air time, yeah, that will assume my position as top dog, maybe Tungsten might even be impressed.  So I dove into action, and like a film in slow motion, something terrible was going to happen.  The whole daycare fell silent, and all the canines gasped at what had happened.  I don't exactly remember what happened.

I could hear Tungsten in the background telling the others to stay away, to move away and give me space.
I saw Nixon, with a smirk on his face as he walked away back to his friends. Something smells? I thought.  Then my ear felt warm.  Must be nothing.

"OMG, quick take him to the back!"  My 2 legged friend Ashley came and checked me all over.

A pool of blood started to collect beside me.  I was immediately taken to the back room where it soon looked like the scene of a murder.  My ear bled profusely and nothing Ashley did could stop it from bleeding.  Every time I shook my head, blood would drip front the tip of my ear.  It did not appear like a puncture wound but it was hard to tell.  I was put in the cage for the rest of the day because of my injury.  Looks like the bully just got punched in the face.  I deserved it.  Number 2 dog was now the omega dog, my position relinquished to another.

Dad came by to pick me up.  Great, how am I going to explain this one to Dad.  He's going to kill me.

"So Brix, what's your excuse this time.  Last time it was roundworms and diarrhea all over the place.  Now it's blood all over the palce."

I had no good answer.  Mom heard the news later that night too.  "What da frig, why is he like that?"

I slept the rest of the night in my crate, moving as little as possible.  In the morning the bleeding had stopped but I was still covered in my own blood.  Dad tried getting rid most of it before leaving for work.  He left me in my cage so I could focus on healing and reflect on my actions.

BStud will be back.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kicking up Grass After Pooping.

Dad says it's a bad habit.  I say it's just the way I express myself.  Others say it's how dogs spread their scent around.  I don't even know how I learned it.  After pooping in the park one day....I felt like kicking up grass. . and I mean using all four paws to kick the grass up into the air, digging with every stroke.  I wasn't even trying to cover up my stinky mess, I just wanted to see grass blades fly.

It's an instinct hardwired into my brain I think.  I've never seen other dogs do it, I just knew how.  It's the same behaviour as lifting my leg to pee.  I just know how to do it.  What does it all mean?

Dad talked to a couple of his friends about it:

"Does your dog, you know, kick up grass after he poops?"
"Oh every dog does it!"
"I've only seen one other dog do it.  Is it a dominance or territorial thing?"
"Well, they say it's a way they try to spread their scent but I don't know. No one has a real good answer."
"Just this spring he started doing it, and only at the park.  What does it mean?"

Oh well, what ever the reason, I like it, makes me feel good, and I was born to it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

DIY Dog Agility Jump

B-Stud is back and leaping into the nice weather!  Check me out!  Mom decided to take me out and do some DIY agility.  I could be the next Michael Jordan, if I choose to be.  So far Dad only made me a jump.  He's thinking about making some weave poles and a tire jump too.  The whole backyard is going to look like an agility course.  As for competition, I don't think it's my thing.

Anyone can make the DIY agility jump.  It's simple and it's cheap!  Those are the words Dad likes to hear.  So how do you make the DIY agility Jump?  I reveal Dad's secret!


1. PVC pipe (central vacuum) x2 (each is 10' long)
2. PVC glue.
3. PVC tees x4
4. End Caps x8
5. Different colour duct tape.
6. Any old screws x8

Just by looking at the above photo, it's self explanatory.  The base is made from 2 tees.  Each tee forms the 2 vertical posts which are 3' tall.  The bottom legs are 1.5' each.  Dad made the lowest jump 1' tall because I'm a medium sized dog and I can clear that in my sleep.  It is also fixed by two tees connected to the post.  This way, it holds the jump together.  The middle jump height is 18" and the tallest one, (the one I'm jumping) is 24".  The width of the whole jump is approximately 3' long.  By no means is Dad's jump regulation agility dimensions.  We're on a budget so we had to shrink things down.  Dad attached the jumps by cutting the end caps in half and screwing them to the side of the posts.  Pretty simple and made the agility jump look a little nicer by duct taping red and yellow stripes.

For about $30 bucks, I have a jump now!  And the best part is, since we don't have a lot of storage here, I can leave it outside and it won't get ruined. 

That's our DIY dog agility jump.  Simple and cheap, and not too bad looking too right?
Future projects, DIY weave poles and DIY tire jump!