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Specs Dogs is a collection of boxer dog stories told from the eyes of Brix, the boxer dog. He is also known as the B-Stud. From these boxer stories, we learn of the joys and pains of puppy-hood to adult life. Along the way, boxer dog and owner learn to strengthen their human to canine bond thru training, playing and just being plain silly. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camping with your Dog

Tomorrow is our big journey to the North and unlike Monday, I'm starting to get excited.  I don't know, maybe I'm maturing.  I know tonight will be crazy stressful because Mom and Dad will be packing and hopefully they didn't miss anything.  As for us doggies, we don't have to pack much.  I made my own list of things to take on our trip tomorrow.

1.  My kennel/ crate:  I got a soft crate so it's foldable and has two doors for me to get in and out of.
2.  My pillows, blankets and toys:  It's going to get cold in the nights.  Maybe I'll sneak into Mom's bed.
3.  Food + bowls:  I needs my food 'cause I'm a growing boy.  I weighed 59.4 lbs now!
4.  Leashes and harness:  Dads gonna make me run, even though I told him not to.
5.  Lights:  Dad also got me a light that fits on my harness so people can see who will be attacking them.  Naw just kidding.
6.  Plastic bags:  Well you know, I'z gotta poop too.
7.  Doggie Backpack:  Yeah, Dad got me one of those so I could carry my own stuff. He's lazy.
8.  Lifejacket:  Again I told Mom I wasn't going to swim, but she bought me one and it's so orange!
9.  Stake and tie-out:  This to keep me from roaming and smelling other doggie butts.
10.  BOXER FOOLISHNESS:  We're going to have fun.  Show you some pics next post.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Canada Day Long Weekend 2010

"BRIX!  We're going camping!  make a list of things you want to do."  Dad directed to me.

After having thought about it I made a list for Dad.

1.  Eat.
2.  Sleep.
3.  Poo.

That's all I want to do Dad.  Don't bug me, don't ask me to be security again this year, I just want to be a lazy dog for once in my life.  I don't want to jump thru hoops, wait and sit pretty for food, I don't want to run 6km a day, I don't want to do anything.  Don't ask me to swim in the lake, I'm not going to close doors on command, I'm not going to do anything, got it?  Good.




Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting my PHD this time!

That's me and my buddy Sydney who just turned 10 recently.  She's a dog lover and came to Woofstock with me.  Nothing much happened at Woofstock, I didn't meet the girl of my dreams.  Instead a Siberian Husky snapped at me, and some other dogs annoyed me. 

Barkham on the other paw was better.  I saw all my friends at Global Pets.  I even saw Sadie who I attacked earlier this year when I busted the door down and ran into the training room.  Sadie's mom, Margot, had to tackle me down.  Anyway I tried saying "sorry" again by extending a paw out but Sadie just hid behind her Mom.  I was on my best behaviour. I even met a big girl Rottie without any problems.

Despite my good behaviour, Dad enrolled me into school again this year.

"Brix, you need to get learned this summer."
"...you need to get what?  ...get learned...?  What...what kind of English is that Dad?",  I asked.
"You know what I mean.  Anyway, Mom is taking you to school this time."
"I'm too smart for these classes Dad...what class did you enrol me in this time...agility?"
"Nope, you and Mom will be doing....Advanced Manners! Yay!"
"I did that one already.  Top of my class remember?"
"You didn't do it to the Leung Standard.  You start July"
"Ah c'mon...."

Damn, you guys know I'm too good for this class.  I think the class is more for Mom and how to handle my boxer antics.  The only standard I go by is the Standard of Boxer Foolishness.  That's like the bible of Boxer Behaviour.  When I pass this course with ease, I want all of you to acknowledge me as Dr. B-Stud.  Besides, do you know of any other boxer that can write and communicate as well as I do?  Thought so!

Dr. B-Stud.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 Woofstock

Are you guys going to Woofstock in Toronto this year?  I've been waiting the whole year for this!  Free treats, coupons, and maybe free towels.  I'm going to pack up my doggie back pack and go sniff up some doggie butts this year!  Yay! 

"Weather looks bad this weekend Brix," Dad says from the background.
"A little rain won't stop me Dad," I replied.
"How 'bout thunderstorms?"

Yikes!  How many dogs like thunder?  How many crawl under a table and shake at the low booming sound of it?  Crap, I hope the weatherman is wrong.  Crossing my paws, and hopefully see you guys at St. Lawrence Market downtown.