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Thursday, May 13, 2010

OSPCA ringworm infestation gone bad

Well, the walkathon this weekend is postponed, according to Dad.  Dad says the OSPCA is killing all the animals infested with ringworm.  "Friends for Life" is what the OSPCA has on their website.  Guess friends turn their backs when the going gets tough.  I'm no expert on ringworms but I hear it's curable.  Just like when I had roundworms, I took some pills and after 2 weeks I was better.  So why can't my friends at the OSPCA get treated? 

So how did it spread to over 350 animals?  Shouldn't there be some quarantine or something. How does the infestation grow to 350?  I wonder.  Doesn't the OSPCA have protocol in situations like this?  6 humans also are infected I hear so the solution is the eradicate the diseased animals.  That's their unanimous decision. 

I suspect it's cheaper to euthanize all cats and dogs rather than treat them.  One pink needle and couple seconds later, see you in rainbow bridge.  Now how are they going to dispose of the dead bodies?  Isn't this also a great way to free up some cage space at the OSPCA?

But then again, look at it from the OSPCA side.  Animals get dropped in a box at their front door and what are they suppose to do?  People are protesting, "stop the killing, stop the massacre" but really, these animals ended up there because of their human owner.  Of course not all ended up here this way, but I would imagine a lot have just speaking from experience.  The OSPCA is like the Salvation Army, it's a place to get rid of unwanted stuff.  I still don't agree to the killings.  Even prisoners of the most heinous crimes don't get executed here in Canada.  They get 3 meals a day.  Why do the animals have to be killed?


Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog Ear Piercing

If some of you don't know already, I got an ear piercing.  I'm a teenager now, I can make my own decisions.  If Jesus got his hands and feet pierced, then what's a little ear piercing right?  Except I didn't die for all of our sins, and this piercing ain't the one you get at the doctors.

Nixon chomped down good on my ear.  Blasted gooden doodle.  I bled for a day!  It looks like two bite marks were left in the shape of an upside down "V"  I hope hair grows back.  I have a balding ear now.  Momma says I still look pretty, thanks Mom. 

  That's another picture of the injury.  No puncture, just a surface laceration.  Vet said to monitor it for infection and so far it's been fine.  Since the injury is healing, Dad says we can TRY and go to the OSPCA walk-a-thon this weekend on Sun.  Nixon better not be there but I know Dad will be watching me, so I best be on good behaviour.  Come Sunday, I will let you guys know how the walk went.