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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Somebody Kicked Me

It takes a "real" man to pose beside pink balloons.  Yet another one of Dad's "...this would make a great shot..." moments.  Why are there pink balloons in the first place?  Mom had a surprise baby shower this weekend and all her yoga friends came over to decorate.  As Dad puts it, " The female to male ratio in this household will soon be in favor of the females.  We need to reclaim our dignity here."  Sometimes I think Dad is turning into a girl himself.  He's starting to wear girly sandels around the house.

This week has been great.  Mom started her maternity leave and is home everyday now.  One afternoon we were watching TV.  Mom was on the floor by the couch and I was curled up, as best I could, in her lap. 

"Brix, why do you have to sit in Momma's lap.  You know you can't fit here."
"I'll just put my head on your belly Momma.  It's ok.  "
"Ok....while you're there try to listen to your sisters."

So I put my head on Mommas belly.  I tried to listen to my twin sisters in Momma's belly, but I couldn't hear or smell anything.  I started to fall asleep and eventually dozed off.

BAM!!!!  All of a sudden, a sharp jolt penetrated my face!  "What was that?!?! Such powerful force"  I said to myself as I jumped across the room looking to Mom for answers.

"OK, Mom, very funny, you didn't have to hit me to let me know it's time to get up.  Sheesh."
"Brix, it wasn't me.  One of your sisters kicked you!  You should have seen the look in your face.  Aww....I should have video taped it!"
"She's in trouble....when she gets out I'm going to....."
"Oh, she's kicking again.  Come feel them Brix.  Mom put my paw on her tummy.  Despite all our efforts, I didn't feel them again.
"She's going to get it when she comes out.  I don't know who it was....but somebody is gonna get it."

How dare my sisters kick me in the face.  Those tiny feet, tiny toes got some power I must admit.  When these girls come out, I'm going to whip them into shape, just like Dad whipped me into shape.  The girls cannot over rule this household.  I must teach them who's boss here and the first rule of course....: no kicking!


P.S.  My Buddy Russell visited me last week.  He's a tea cup Yorkie and man, this guy can move in all sorts of directions.  He's all over the map.  Talk to you soon buddy Russell.  Sorry for scaring you....I'm like a giant compare to you!