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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy B-day Mom and Dad

Last weekend Mom surprised Dad by coming home for his b-day. See I knew all along, I just didn't tell Dad. I didn't really get anything for Dad tho for his 30th except for my pile of poo in the morning. Thanks Dad for taking care of it.

This weekend is Mom's 30th. I wonder what I should get Mom? Mom has been busy lately. I hardly get to see her but she's visiting this weekend. Mom thinks she doesn't have a bond with me but I do. Mom just can't see it. I Dad also is busy. He changed his work hours and now we don't get to go to the daycare. I don't even get to see Hannah anymore. I just stay home with Shy. She doesn't even play with me. She just sleeps all day.

So to keep me stimulated, Dad has been trying to teach me to ring a bell when I need o pee and poo. I see my sister Shy do it all he time, but I don't know if it's me. So far I like touching the bell and the door opens, but it's just not my style. I'd rather look you in the eyes and give you a sad face. Dad also has been playing the piano more and trying to get me to sing. That also is not my style, I'd rather growl or bark. I think Dad said he's playing for the church so he's got less time with me.

Anyway, as my parents get 1 yr older, I too am becoming an adult. I hope my body fills out. I hope I gain weight. So far I think I'm ok. I am a smaller boxer but everyone love me. Everyone knows I'm so handsome.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Far, So Good...

To my fans,

That's me up there! I am so damn cute. I have been my happy usual self but it seems like people around me are sad. Dad always has a concerned look on his face. He always touches my ribs and checks my spine and chest.

"Dad I'm fine. Like I said I feel good and I'm not anorexic."
"But you're not gaining weight."
"Yeah, but I'm not losing weight either."

Well that isn't totally true. We went to the Vet to see Dr. Kohr again. I lost 0.3 kg. I think that may have broke Dad's heart since I'm suppose to be gaining weight with this new diet. This time the Doc gave me my final 2 vaccinations and said I need a blood test. Dad agreed and so off I went into the lab not knowing what they were going to do. Lorraine, the vet tech, said I was brave. They drew out the blood from my front leg and sent it to get analyzed.

"The good thing is Brix's poo is firm. And he actually looks a little better since the last time I saw him," Dr. Kohr exclaimed.
"See I thought he looked better too but his weight today threw me off," Dad replied.
"Well so far, the signs are good."

Today Dad got a call from Dr. Kohr.

"Good news. Brix's blood chemistry is at normal levels."

Dad was relieved. Doc said I could eat a little more too but we're not out of the woods yet. I really hope I can gain weight. Hopefully it's just a matter of eating more. So many of my buddies are overweight. Like Joey the black lab for example. He's like probably hitting 90 lbs. He's just one big sausage. My other boxer buddy, Roxie. She's gotta be like 100 lbs.

Maybe I just got a high metabolic rate just like Dad. Maybe I'm just so athletic that I have less body fat than anyone else. Mom would kill to have my problem. In any case, I'm happy, I'm eating and most important, my poo is still hard.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hard Poo

I never thought the day Dad would be happy to see hard poops. Dad was saying how hard poo was a good sign that I didn't have anything wrong with me.

"Brix, your poo is hard. Yes!"
"Does it smell good too Dad?"
"Damn it Brix, I got some on my finger. @#$@#$"
"At least it's hard right!?!?"
"Don't be a smart dog now. Go on inside."

My poo was soft before. It had always been. I ate a grain less diet with high protein I would constantly embarrass Mom's friends because of my farts. Now Dad put me on a different diet with some wheat and rice. Almost no farts! Isn't that amazing? Han aah would love me even more now. Hope I see her today.

So Dad says because my poo is hard, it means my body is actually working. If it was still loose even on this wheat and rice diet, then Dad would have worried a lot more. The only thing now, I have to gain weight. Mom says she wishes she had my problem. I don't really understand. Why would Mom want to have my weight problem? She looks good the way she is. Like I have been saying all along, I feel good, I look good so I think I'm good.

Thanks for the support Fluffy. I should come visit you. Fluffy is my family friend. We haven't met 'cause she lives far but one day we will. I hope I don't scare her 'cause I'm much bigger than she is. Fluffy, if you're in High Park area, stay away from light posts. I heard 2 dogs got electrocuted there. Why does High Park have a bad rep for dogs. It's like the ghettos or the projects for dogs.

Anyway, gotta go harass and be the clown of the family. Love you Mom, hope you do well in school.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Still Depressed

So yesterday the vet called and they told Dad I did not have parasites or worms. They also said even though they did not find anything in the test, it doesn't always mean it's not there so I have to continue with my de-worming meds.

Dad thinks it's serious now. He actually said he would rather me have parasites or worms 'cause it's an easy fix. Now he says, it could be my pancreas. Dad thinks he's smarter than the vet sometimes. He says it could be exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. What the hell is that?

I'm perfect the way I am now. I feel good, I have energy, I'm young....I just look anorexic. Mom will still love me the way I am, I'm part of the family right? If Dad is right about his assumption, I will need enzyme therapy for life. *sigh* this is too much for me, let me just be a kid. I just want to run around and play!

I love you Mom and Dad, and even if something is wrong with me, I won't let you down. You have been good parents and gave me a warm home. I promise to be the best boxer dog ever in this world!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hey guys,

Not feeling in the mood to write today. I'm usually happy, upbeat, and wanting to play all the time, but today, I just want to do nothing. Dad and I went to the vet yesterday, not so good news. They kept saying I was handsome but were saying how I looked thin. I thought I looked good 'cause I work out everyday but the doc said I should be heavier.

I weighed in at 23.7 kg but should be closer to 28kg. That's like 10 lbs difference. Dad was concerned. His face said it all. He knew I looked thin too but thought I just hadn't filled out yet. Doc said some words that were too big for me to comprehend. She said she wanted me to change my diet and to get de-wormed. Dad gave her my stool sample to see if I have parasites. The doc said it could be parasites taking away my nutrients, making me thin. I'm still handsome right? I was still happy before right?

I got my rabies vaccine too yesterday. Next week I have to get another shot. Dad bought me my new food. He says it's suppose to help me with my teeth. My teeth have plaque says the doc. I hate brushing my teeth. Dad tries once a week but I move my head so he can't get that finger brush in. Serves me right.

So that's why I'm depressed. I might not seem that way, but inside I am. I hope it's nothing too serious. I just thought I hadn't hit puberty yet. In a month I hope I gain some weight. The doc wants to see me again. Cross your fingers.