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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boxer graduates with honours

Sometimes, "I told you so", just doesn't seem to cut it. I might want to say, "In your dog faces, arrrrrf arrrf!" but that would be mean and the B-Stud is confident, but not cocky. It's a fine line.
Today was graduation day at Canine Campus and also examination day. Again, I partied too much over the weekend in Sudbury so I didn't study. Dad was nervous for me. I could see it in his eyes. I think some of our classmates dropped out, only 3 of us showed up. My buddy Tungsten was there looking smart as usual.
"Woof Tungsten! Did you study?"
"A little, it should be easy stuff. Ms. Glenny isn't a mean teacher."
"I hope she doesn't give us the sit down sit command. Dad never taught me that."
"I'm sure it will be fine. You the B-Stud, you're smart the ladies love you."
"Yeah, I know. Later Tungsten."
The class loosened up by taking jumps over the wooden apparatus. I did it no problem. Then the warm up exam, rally O style. We were to approach pylons placed on the ground. Each pylon had signs where we had to perform a specific task. Tungsten and his mom was up first. He breezed through with ease. "Damn Tungsten, you got skills." I thought to myself. Then it was my turn. I was a little nervous. I couldn't sit still and broke out of the first task which was to wait. I calmed down and continued. "Not too bad", I thought until we got to SIT-DOWN-SIT. I think Dad was more stunned than I. "Oh crap," I heard Dad mumble. I have good hearing. I struggled but managed and whizzed through the rest. Warm up was over, time for the real thing.
The exam was timed. Best time gets top honours. I just wanted to pass. Again, Tungsten and his mom went first. Then it was my turn. I gave all my focus to Dad as he guided me through the course. This time I waited until I was called. Along the way, I amazed some of the audience. My sit down sit was perfect. No hesitation. My stand, was done to the tee. Before I knew it, it was over. I had completed the course in 1min 35 sec. Ms. Glenny was proud of me! She was really impressed at my time and my performance. At the end, Dad and I made the best time.
"He's a good dog," Ms. Glenny told my Dad.
"He's all right. We've worked really hard."
"Well, it definitely shows."
Just ALL RIGHT? C'mon Dad, give me more credit! I was amzaing today! I was awarded my cerficate for Manners II and received a little toy from Ms. Glenny. Grandma and Grandpa were also impressed when I got home. They gave me hugs and kisses. It's just another day in the life of the B-Stud. I'll be smart when I have to be, do what I want, when I want to. You never know, I might even be smarter than you!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boxers Love Hiking Trails

To the B-Stud fans out there, I apologize for not updating as often, but you know me, it's a busy life. No one ever complains about my sister not writing. Shy, you should write more often, maybe you can find a new friend along the way.

Anyway, the B-Stud had an exciting weekend. Dad drove me to see Mom in Sudbury. I can't exactly remember why they remain separated but I think it has to do with school. Ok, who cares about my parents it's all about me. I had a couple of business appointments with some clients this weekend. First, I met up with a guy named Dennis. I called him in to help Mom move her things into the new aparment. He loved me. He said his favorites were Boxers and how I was a pretty boy. Then I had to wake up my Mom's roomate, Chrissy, by barking and snooping into her room. She was responsible to babysit me when my parents were out moving stuff so I had to get her up. She tried to entertain me but you know it's hard to please the B-Stud. I think she has a crush on me. I also met up with another guy in the parking lot who had questions about my kind. He was so impressed at my brindle skin and it was the first time he had seen a brindle male. I gave him my kidney bean wiggle and put up my paws for him. He loved me too. He actually purchased a brindle male the day before. I'm glad my breed is touching the lives of other families.

After work I hit the hiking trails with my parents. Did I tell you Boxers love hiking trails? We went to Laurentian University to check out one of the trails there. It was really nice and there were so many smells. I hung out with at least 4 other doggies there. A shepard mix and his Shiz Tzu sister came to greet me.

"Hey you two, wanna play?" I asked.
"Who are you? Yo sis, you know who this Boxer is?"
"Naw never seen him. I don't talk to Boxers."

They were both off leash and professional mannered. I think they were like upper class but anyway, I got celebrity star power so I wasn't intimidated. I tried playing, but they were too stuck up to play, they went along their merry way.

Next I met a furry white canine. I couldn't tell her breed but she was older than me. Again I desperately tried to play, jumping, bouncing back and forth...but again, she didn't want to play.
"What, you don't want to play with the B-Stud? Your loss." And we walked on seperate ways.

Then in the night, while I was taking a dump outside, a big samoyed mix came walking towards me.

"Hey, watcha doing?"
"Yo man, turn around, can't you see I'm taking a dump."
"Oh sorry, it's dark out her and you know, my eyes aren't what they use to be. I'm eight now."
"Use your nose then, sheesh"

He stopped staring at me eventually, and we started to play a bit, but he was in his mid-life crisis and was looking for a girlfriend so he wasn't exactly in the mood to run around with a male. Besides, B-Stud don't swing that way. Which reminds me, where are you Savannah?

The rest of the time was spent with my parents who love me to death even when I woke them up a couple of times in the middle of the night. What? I thought I heard someone breaking in. It's my job to serve and protect. Today Dad started to pack up his stuff and I knew it was time to go home. As I got in the car to head back to Toronto, I saw my mom waving. I put my head on top of the backseats, arching to look back, and saw Mom get smaller and smaller.

"Guess Mom isn't coming with us again huh Dad?"
"Yeah, 2 more weeks and we will see her again."

I'll be waiting for you Mom.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog gets cold feet

B-stud here again and yes, dogs get cold feet. Physically, our paws get cold. Today was the coldest day so far and you know what Dad made me do today? He made me go jogging! It was snowing today. I gave him the look, "You must be kidding me Dad." but he wasn't joking. Luckily Mom, the fashion guru she is, got me this nice jacket to keep me warm. There it is in the picture. Everyone was looking at me as I strutted and posed for my fans at school. Damn, where's Savannah, I miss her. She hasn't returned my calls lately. What up with that?

At school I saw my pack members. "Wow Brix, nice jacket!", Tungsten's mom commented. "Tungsten has a double coat so he doesn't need a jacket." Molly's mom also liked my jacket, "Looking handsome Brix with your new jacket." Even Ms. Glenny said I had style. The B-Stud gotta dress to impress you know? Now if only I could get some boots because my paws were getting cold.

Class today was different. First of all there was this new bulldog in class. He took me by surprise and I didn't like him. I don't think I like bulldogs, not to be racist or anything. I was growling and charging towards him but Dad held me back. Ms. Glenny had enough of my bad behaviour and had to tell me to settle down. I struggled with her but finally gave up. I calmed down after. Dad didn't say a word to me, 'cause he knew I deserved it.

The rest of the class went fine. This time I conquered the teeter. I went up it, and down with little problem. Ben, again showed us how it's done. Next class will be our last class and our graduation. I hope I pass. I'vebeen improving, I think. Tomorrow will be a stressful day. I will be going back into class with my Dad. This time we are going to meet new dogs and shepherd mixes. You know me, the B-stud has to protect Dad from them. I would give my life for him....and mom too.

Anyway, Savannah, if you're reading, call me. I miss you. I thought we had something going.
In case you missed it. Here's a video of me and Ben just having a good time.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dunce of the Dog Class

Today is probably the first time my confidence got crushed. Dunce of the the dog class may be harsh, since I wasn't misbehaving. I just got smoked by my friends in class today. Like I said yesterday, I didn't study 'cause I partied over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I thought I was doing well until we got a surprise test today. Ms. Glenny separated Tungsten (Canaan dog) and Ben (Poodle mix) away from me. "Damn, now I can't cheat off Tungsten," I thought to myself.

The first test, the on leash walk, with distractions in the middle. We were to walk in a circle with our parents, and in the middle of us, was a pool of toys. "Oh boy toys! I never get toys from Dad." I really tried fighting my urge but the milk bone smelled so good, it was to die for. Like chocolate is to my uncle Ron, and chips to my Dad, I couldn't resist the milk bone. As we walked by it, I sneaked behind Dad and did a right hook. My right hook sent the bone sliding right into my mouth. Mmm mmm. Ms. Glenny thought it was funny. I don't think Dad felt the same even though he was laughing. I was the only one to be tempted by the apple so to speak.

Test two, was the recall. Again with distractions. Oh, the milk bone was there again. We were to wait and run back to our parents across the room when called. The toys were in the middle again. Tungsten had trouble but within 2 seconds he corrected his minor error. Ben ran to his mom with such speed and focus that I don't think he even saw the toys. ""Damn Ben. Why you want to make me look bad. You know I didn't study." Then it was my turn. The bar was set high. There was Dad at the other end. "Brix come!" I took off like Usane Bolt but headed for the milk bone like I had A.D.D. No one was impressed. No one cheered and clapped. I failed. We did it again and this time I got it right but I hung my head, 'cause I knew Dad and I worked hard at the recall and I failed him.

Test three, I was going to make it up to Dad and myself. I couldn't be outdone by Tungsten and Ben. I don't want to be the weakest from our pack. You know what they do to the weakest or the omega? I don't want to know. Test three was going to different stations with flash cards. Each card had points and a task to do. I was so proud of my 10 points! I was sure nobody was even close. "Tungsten wins with 32!". Ms. Glenny praised. "Ben comes close with 28!" Ben got 28? Like c'mon guys. Give me a chance. You're making the B-stud look bad, cramping my style.

Test four, I was ready to give up. I saw the teeter come out. I had never done this before but I'm sure none of the others had done it either. I'm a confident dog, athletic, well built, I should be able to show these guys on this one. Tungsen and Ben, I know you guys have brains, but I got the braun, watch and learn. Tungsten went up the teeter first. He did all right. Stalled in the middle. I had him on this one. My turn now. I get up on the teeter. All right let's go. Focus now Brix. I can do this. I take my first steps. Okay this feels weird, how come I feel like I'm going to fall? I'm getting higher as I walk? Whoa, ok look straight ahead. Oh man, where am I? I feel dizzy. Just a couple more steps. Oh, feeling dizzy, gotta...gotta jump off! Ok, I made it to the top and jumped off. It's all good. Took me about 2 minutes but I did it. Ben was next and before I returned to my spot, he had gone up to the top and the cheers began. Growl, how did he do it so fast and without fear? Willy the 100 lb English Bulldog was next. Ok this guy is going to have trouble 'cause he weighs a ton. "Way to go Willy! I think you're the only English bulldog to make it up to the top without any problems!" Ms. Glenny cheered. We all had second tries and I just shutdown because I didn't want to go up the teeter anymore.

Dad tried cheering me up in the car. I was sad and tired. I couldn't believe everyone was so awesome except me. I must be the dunce of my pack. I can hear them mocking me, "look it's the dunce of the dog class. You're nothing but a clown." Tungsten and Ben ddin't even talk to me after class. Dad says he's still proud of me. He says we have come a long way. He says I'm still young and not mature yet. It's good to hear you haven't given up on me. Tomorrow is another test when I meet all new dogs and they are all bullies.

B-stud, the clown.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving from a Stud

Woof! B-Stud again and happy Thanksgiving to all. This week was exciting. Did you book with B-Stud? 'Cause if you didn't it's ok, there's enough of me to go around. I'm so damn funny!

On Friday I got to see my Mom again. I swear Mom and Dad are separated and Dad took custody over me. But Dad tells me Mom is out studying somewhere so I don't get to see her. Little does Dad know, I'm a spy for Mom. Mom has given me strict instructions to see if Dad is being on his best behaviour. So far he's been a goodie goodie. Nothing to report there.

So I had this date on Saturday with another boxer! She's white too! How many white boxers am I gonna get to be with in my lifetime? She was older too and she could have taught me a couple of new tricks if you know what I mean. Arrrf, arrff, arffff! But I got shutdown by my parents. How embarrassing. They said I would cause too much drama and how I don't play nice. I play nice, if you want me to. I was going to show her a good time too. Instead I spent the night with my sister. All she did was sleep. I wanted to talk her about my other girl Savannah but she crawled under her blanket. Thanks sis.

At least today I made my 12:00 o'clock appearance and mingled with some folks. I was kind of embarrassed when I farted at the party once. I laughed it off but then I saw people covering their noses. Damn it, Dad, you said you'd take me to the vet to check this out. This is ruining my reputation. I'm the B-Stud. I can't be having gas problems with my social status. I hear plain yogurt does the trick so you better get me some Dad.

The last eventful thing we did was drop off Mom at the bus station. I'm gonna miss you Mom. I have a special kidney bean wiggle saved for you next time. Only you get to see my special wiggle. What's on the agenda for tomorrow. Let me check my iphone. Oh ya, I have class and I didn't study this weekend. I was too busy partying. Oh well. Life goes on. Dad will look bad, not me. Life is good as a dog. I sure wouldn't want to be human, would you?

B-Stud, call me.

Thanksgiving from bed.

Thanksgiving was great! I was alone in my cozy bed. There was no one being annoying, no one yelling at me, no one sniffing my head or putting their paw on my head. Just peace and quiet. Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, and my brother all went out and left me alone in my room. I loved it! I came out once though to go for a pee but then went back to bed. I'm like a ninja, get in there and get out with max stealth.

On the Friday before thanksgiving there was a baby shower at our house and so we had many visitors. I didn't mind the people that came over. I had seen most of them before. I said hi to them, greeted them with my wagging tail, and then went back to my bed. I heard them call me "Shy come. Come out and play. C'mon Shy....", but I couldn't be bothered. I wasn't tired, I just didn't feel like entertaining. One girl kept playing with me and patting my head. She was cool but I wanted to be left alone really.

Apparently there was another function the next night but I didn't go. Guess what I did..that's right, I slept. My brother Brix didn't go either. Something about an older boxer having the hots for Brix, and that there would be too much drama. I don't know. Older bitches scare me. My brother hangs out with weird canines.

Shy the independent.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's not the dog, it's the owner.

That's what I'm talking about. It's not the dog that is wrong, it's the owner. I try to keep telling my Dad I'm doing what he wants but he gives me this weird look like I'm stupid or something. Now we have it on film.

This week Dad had me working on some basic stuff like waits, swings, arounds, and formal front sits. Just look at the video and look how Dad gets it wrong. Shall we break it down Dad? Oh and by the way Mom and Dad, I know you think you're smarter than me, the B-Man, but you're oh so wrong.

Let's break down the video. Let the B-stud school you.

Error 1:
Dad tries to get me to do a formal front sit. In Rally Obedience this the "Call Front". He does it correct until the part where he gives me my treat, and that treat isn't even tasty Dad. Get me better treats! You see how my so called dog trainer Dad inched up to my nose and gave me the pathetic treat. He basically rewarded me for being a foot away from where I needed to be. Shame on you Dad.

Error 2:
Oh it gets better. Next Dad tries getting me to do a left finish. I swing to his left, following Dad's hand. I follow his hand until I sit. Guess what Dad, my butt is way out there! It should be in parallel with your butt. My body should also be inline with yours. Ms. Glenny should give you a slap on the hand or head.

Error 3:
I'm not waiting for nobody. Dad goes way too far so I follow him. Good thing he didn't punish me for coming to him, or else next time I'm not coming near you Dad.

So if y'all dogs get down and depressed 'cause you're being punished for not doing the right thing...I would blame it on your parents. It's not us the dog, it's gotta be the owner. It has to be 'cause we're just too damn cute to make mistakes, right Mom and Dad?

The B-Stud.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Clipping your Dog's Nails

Guess who that is on the left. Can you recognize her? That's my "real" mom! Yup, she's my mom and her name is Sheba. Do I look like her?

Lately life has been good. My schedule was packed so I couldn't log on and write to my fans. Tuesday was class and I aced it. Ms. Glenny took out some agility equipment to try out. I jumped thru the tire and went thru the tunnel no problem. Told you this class was easy dad. Too bad my buddy Tungsten wasn't in class. His mom has a cold, that's what he told me when I called him up.

Today Dad tried clipping my nails. My sister Shy hates it. She cries like a puppy. Grandpa and Grandma have to hold her down. Me? A walk in the park until today. "Hold still Brix, you don't want me to cut the nerve now do you?", Dad said. "I trust you Dad, so I won't move." Everything was fine on the front paws, although Dad seemed like he didn't know what he was doing. He was taking long and I was losing patience. I use to get clipped by the professionals but Dad got cheap. Then Dad started the back paws and YELP! "You m#$f@^er!!!" Excuse my canine language but ouuuuch! "Dad, don't you know the back paws don't grow as fast as the front paws! You don't have to cut as much you know...owwww!" I have white nails too but Dad is blind like a bat. Luckily I wasn't bleeding. He just grazed the quick or nerve as they call it. I wasn't going to let him cut the rest of the nails. I jumped off the chair I was sitting on and everytime after he tried putting me back. What will the bitches think of me now? My nails are uneven...uh!!!

I wasn't too mad because Dad bought me new food. He says I should try a new brand of food so we're going from Orijen to Royal Canin 26, just made for boxers. Dad says I need to transistion into the new food so he's only giving me a little of the new stuff mixed in with the regular stuff. Wait until my sister sees the new food. She's going to freak, the pieces are so big they probably won't even fit into her mouth. Wait, she's not getting any of my food 'cause I'm not sharing.

Tomorrow I think my schedule is booked too. Sorry ladies, gotta call me up earlier if you wanna hang out with the B-stud. Oh, that's right, I gotta call up miss mini poodle Savahnna. I think she has a crush on me. Dad thinks I like her because of her fancy coach collar and leash. Whatever, she's hot.

Catch y'all later.

The Brix man.