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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Photos of Me

Mom and Dad have been busy lately.  I don't know what they have been up to lately.  They seem to pay less attention to me now.  We haven't been on a walk lately either.  Dad says it's the weather and how it's not good for me paws!

So Dad has been working on his photography and trying to get better pictures with his new camera.  So this post is just going to be photos of me. 

Have a look at me lazing around...


Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Xmas, another New Year.

Did you know I have my own brand of chocolate...Mom and Dad found this at the shops in Don Mills. Speaking of chocolate, it was a bad Xmas and New Years for me. 

Many of you know by now, I ate 24 shortbread cookies, (some with chocolate) over the holidays.  I was really sick.  Diarrhea first then came the vomiting.  The vomiting was so bad, that even having water started to make my tummy go crazy.  I don't know what was going on and neither did Mom or Dad.  I wasn't able to eat anything and I lost so much weight.

Dad brought me into the vet,where I received medication and antibiotics.  While everyone was partying it up, I slept in my bed...hours on end.  For 5 days I barely ate anything.  Plain white rice was in order for me.  The bones of my rib cage were showing and Mom had to put a shirt on me to hide them.

I didn't get to open my presents until closer to New Years.  I was getting better but looking in bad shape.  My once muscular, jaw dropping, studly frame, transformed into what you would see from a stray dog on the streets.  Nonetheless, I was still my old jolly self.

Here's a picture of me and all my presents. 

The raccoon in front of me is my favorite.  I whine when I don't get to play with that one.  That's from my teacher Ms. Glenny.  Actually all of them are my favorites but Mom and Dad only let me play with one toy so far. 

This year, Mom and I bought Dad a good DSLR camera...finally!  Dad can now take better pictures of me and Mom.  Thinking about it now, Dad hasn't even said thanks to me for his gift!

Want to see some pics with the new camera?  They are mainly of me during my recovery period.

Looking onwards to 2011....I am still thinking about my goals.  My main goal right now is to gain weight and to get better.  Send me good vibes furry friends.