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Saturday, February 26, 2011

At the basement Spa

Today, Dad decided I needed a bath.  The last one I took was probably in summer....I forget.  I went over to Grandpa and Grandma's place this week and they said I stink.  Nice to see you too Gramps.
Dad hasn't given me a shower because of the cold weather and he says there's no where in the house where he can put me in and wash me.

Well today he put me in the basement sink and I was stressed out.  This is not the way to wash a dog!

After the wash, of course Dad had to take more portraits of me and my clean body.

And just for doing that....I soon vomited all my breakfast on the basement floor.  That's what you get for stressing me out Dad.  Clean it up.  I'll train you!


Monday, February 21, 2011

New Car?

This week Dad went to the Canadian Auto Show and left me home again.  Dad said he'd be a "couple" hours.  I didn't know a couple means 6 hours.  Mom was also at work and so I was home alone again.

When Dad came back he showed me pictures of the Toyota Highlander. 

"Brix, if we can afford this, you'd live like a king."
"Why is that Dad?"
"Well check out the trunk.  It has 2 extra seats where you could go.....or we could put your crate right into the back here and you can peep your head out.  Look there's even heater vents here to keep you warm.  It's got so much space!"
"Sounds nice Dad...but we don't need a new car."
"It's just nice to dream....."
"And it's too expensive right Dad?"
"That too....that's why you have to find a job Brix...."

I ain't finding no job.  My job is to be lazy.  I know I'm a working dog and all....but I work hard for my food.  I jump thru hoops, close doors, spin and do tricks.

"Anyways Dad, I don't need a car.  We should walk more...."

But Dad didn't hear me 'cause he went upstairs to look at the rest of the photos. 

*sigh* When is spring coming???


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back to Doggie Daycare

Mom and Dad finally brought me back to the daycare!  At the daycare, it's a melting pot of all kinds of dogs from different cultures.  We have my buddy Tungsten from Israel.  He's a Caanan.  Then we have Furio, our Italian Cane Corso.  Garth the Weimaraner, from Germany.

Anyways, theyz all cool but I had eyes on only one dog today....Hannah the black beauty.  After we broke up, last I heard, she was wit Kona and some other husky types.  Now that I've come back, I think we made up and wez friends again.  She put on some weight but I'm not going to tell her that.

We just hung out and talked good old days.  I missed her.  Here we are just talking.... Here I am just getting my beauty sleep...

Here's Hannah getting her beauty sleep too...
Then we got to chatting...she offered to help me lick my paws...but I saw naw....
 Here's an akward moment because I made a smelly fart but Hannah pretended not to smell it.
 Maybe she caught a wiff of it now.
She must have smelt it but is putting on a good face right now.
She definitely smelt my bomb and has now left to the other side of the room.
It's only natural to fart I say.....


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I haven't been updating...

Apparently Dad said this week was Chinese New Years and started to give me commands in Chinese.  Dad is weird.  Even Mom thinks so too.  Anyways, happy New Year to all my doggie friends...even though I'm not Chinese.

So what's been happening lately?  Why have I not updated in almost a month?  That's because Dad never lets me on the computer now....all he does is look at instructional videos about hockey, stick handling, puck control, and drills.  Any chance he gets, Dad will flee to the outdoor rink 5 mins from our house and play for hours!  He even brought Uncle Jimmy to practice at the rink last week   The funny part is, Dad is old and he's playing with little kids between 6-12 years old.  One night, Dad came home after playing some teenagers and he told us one of them asked him....

"...hey...do you go to Brother Andre high school?...."

Dad didn't even know how to respond he told us.   

"...mmm no....I'm twice your age...."  
" ... you're good for an old guy...."

I guess Dad is living his childhood now. He's also using the computer way too much because of his new camera lens he bought.

So in summary, I've been neglected.  My paw nails are long, and curling over.  I stink 'cause Dad hasn't given me a bath since the summer.  I need to be groomed.  My teeth...let's not go there.  But on the bright side, I'm gaining back some of the weight I lost after my incident at xmas time.  I wish Dad would take me back to the daycare 'cause I hear it is newly renovated and bigger than ever!   

*sigh* ....winters suck.....

So I'll just leave you with some new pics of me as Dad was trying out his new lens.