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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

"It's ma party.....and I'll cry if I want to....cry if I want to....."  You guys all know that one right?  That's how I feel.  My third birthday is coming up in a couple hours and guess what.....no big celebration....no party....none of my doggie friends are coming over....and I don't smell any presents for me!  What a pathetic third birthday.

"I want Brix to have a party babe..."  Mom asked Dad earlier this week.
"Heck no.  I'm not having 10 dogs in our house running wild."  Dad replied.
"Relax, we'll have it at the park.  We can invite Ace, Tungsten, Mushu, Shy.....can we?"

So I'm turning 3 years old.  I should be getting wiser.  After all, I did get my PHd in Advanced Obedience this year.  That's one accomplishment....even though I'd probably never pass the CGN test.....damn stranger greetings.  At 3 years old, I feel mature.  I no longer drag my Dad around when walking, I no longer get excited over loud noises....I don't chew up shoes or furniture....I sometimes just like curling up and sleeping in my bed or sun bathing.  At 3 years old, I know how to behave in the house and jbiq what's expected of me.  I know my boundaries and don't dare to cross them. Turning 3 actually feels good.  Dad even thinks I don't get too excited over dogs anymore.

This past week I met a 5 month old German Shepherd, Roxie.  She was exuberant, bouncing up and down, pawing my back, jumping on my back, but I didn't care.  I just let her do her thing.  I didn't even want to play which surprised both Mom and Dad.  Dad even told Mom he feels more relaxed on our walks even when we see a dog.  In the words of Dad, "Brix is manageable."

Some of Dad and Mom's friends say I'm a well behaved dog.  Dad always tells them, "it was never always like this.  You have to remember Brix is 3 and so he's mentally mature...plus, we continually train him, everyday, and by no means is he perfect."  I'll always look like a puppy though.  2 people thought I was a puppy this week!

So happy 3rd birthday to me and I'd like to give a few shout outs:

- to my 4 legged Mom and Dad, Sheba and Samson, I'm a man now and I'm doing well in the world
- to the Fernley pack, even though I had to go as a young pup, I always remember the yellow house in the corner when we walk by sometimes.  One time Dad let go of my leash and I walked up the steps and waited by the door.
- to my sister, min pin Shy, you'z real old!
- to my Mom, I know you missed out almost a year because of school...but I think we're making up for it now
- to my Dad, hope to have many more years to come with you pops....don't give up on me when the going gets tough....'cause I never gave up on you.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

We'z going Fishing!

Hey folks.  B-Stud is back from just being lazy for the past 2 weeks.  Plus, I've been watching Dad fix his crappy car...making sure no one comes and bothers him while he's in the garage

Anyway, Uncle Ron and Jimmy took me to go fishing the past weekend.  I guess they were hoping I could catch some fish for them.  I think I scared them away and hey...I'm no water dog.

Here I am, on the look out for some fishys.

Since the fish didn't come to me, I went in to look for them myself.  The water was COLD!

That's me and Uncle Jimmy.  I thought he caught a big fish but it was his lure. Darn.

But he did catch this big stick! And then gave it to me to play with.

Uncle Ron wasn't as lucky as he fought hard to catch this small stick.

After about 2 hours, we called it quits.  No luck with the fishys this time but I sure had fun playing around in the water.  Better luck next time guys.


Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Exercise Your Dog

 Just me and my Dad rollerblading around the block again. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010


While many people are starting to head back to school, the B-Stud here graduated with flying colours....at least I think so.

There's me and Mom getting ready to do the mock Canine Good Neighbour Test.  I was so ready for it!  But I think Mom said I failed the human greeting part.  I can't help it,  I need to get up and investigate who's coming close to my Moms. I guard Mom with all my heart.

That's my favourite teacher, Ms. Glenny.  Sorry Dad, you're not my number one teacher.  Notice how I'm not paying attention to her, that's 'cause I'm too darn smart of course!

Here, we are working on our recalls.  I knew this one by heart and raced towards Mom when she called me. No problem.

And there it is, straight to the front of the fridge, my diploma, to go along with the many others I have.  So now that I passed ...everyone will now address me as Dr. B-Stud, my paper proves it so.

Then from the distance....

"Brix, you're a repeat offender. Get over yourself."

Thanks Dad, way to support your dog.  No time to talk, I'm heading out to the after party.  See ya.

Dr. B-Stud
Investigative Butt Analysis Unit.