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Specs Dogs is a collection of boxer dog stories told from the eyes of Brix, the boxer dog. He is also known as the B-Stud. From these boxer stories, we learn of the joys and pains of puppy-hood to adult life. Along the way, boxer dog and owner learn to strengthen their human to canine bond thru training, playing and just being plain silly. Enjoy!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bad Week

No one said being  a teenager was going to be easy. It was a bad week, maybe even a bad new year so far. 

I was just getting over my parasite infection and slowly getting back to my old food, although I started to really like the plain white rice and boiled chicken Mom and Dad were feeding me.   So things started to look up right ....wrong.

While Dad was helping teach a doggie class, he put me in a cage so I couldn't bother anyone.  I tried to be good, I really did but knowing there were dogs on the floor, I had to play and sniff them out.  After the class, Dad let me out but we stayed a bit to watch the next class... from behind the glass window.  Dad didn't allow me to participate.

"Man! This is my house and I want to see the other doggies.  You can't do this to me!"
"Brix, focus.  Let's work on heeling and by the way, this is not your house."

And with that I climbed up onto the swinging door leading into the class.  It unlached itself and like a bull, I barged into the classroom.  All black dogs in the class!  Oh there's Ebony...oh and there's Sonic.....and who is this?  I darted towards her and tackled her.  That was all I remembered before I was tacked by her owner and Dad came running behind.

I had done something terrible.  Dad looked so shocked and confused.  The next thing I knew, Mrs. Glenny (Dad's boss) put me in a down and looked me in the eye. I did not dare say a word and remained still.

When we got home, I got an earful from Dad.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?  Do you even know what you did?
I stayed silent.
"If Sadie's owner presses charges, you will never see me again.  Goodbye to this.  Use your brain, think, control your instinct."
"Yeah right Dad, control what is genetically programed in me."
"What's that?  You better control yourself because I taught you better than that!   If not, say hello to Rainbow Bridge."
"I hate you Dad. I hope bad things happen to you."

I spent the good part of the night in the basement kennel, reflecting on my actions. I wanted to play, I wanted to meet new dogs and they were playing on my turf.  But Dad was right, I was wrong.  The next day Dad apologized to Sadie's owner and thankfully she was understanding.

Before the end of the week, bad things did happen to Dad.  He got sick with a cold, and then he got a traffic ticket for making a left between 7-9am when he wasn't suppose to.  He kept complaining about 110 bucks whatever that means.
I hope me and Dad, and Mom catch a break soon.



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attack of the Parasites

This one is my fault.  I didn't learn my lessons well.  All the times Mom and Dad told me not to stick my head into things, I did so anyway.  I over-heard Dad talking to Mom one night.

"When are you leaving for school?"
"Let's drive up this weekend because I need to get there and unpack." Mom responded.

That week our kitchen slowly piled up with bins, bags, and boxes waiting to be loaded into the car.

"Mom, are you leaving again?"
"Brix, before you know it, I'll be back.  Don't you worry. You take care of Dad ok?"

I didn't want Mom to leave for school again, so I devised a crazy plan.  A week before her departure,  I decided on a semi-suicide mission.  I rummaged through the recycling bin...the entire bin.  I licked old swiss chalet containers, old McDonalds cups with drips of coke, chewed down on plastics and paper.  I spread all these items onto the floor.  

Couple days later, I started to vomit.  Mom gave me hugs and kisses.  It was working, I was getting attention.  A week later my plan took it's full course.  The day before Mom's departure, .I pooped like I never did before.  Like water gushing from a fountain, an explosion occurred.

"What da frig?!?!"  Dad looked worried.
I gave dad the "Oops, did I do that?" look.

Dad took me to the daycare thinking it was just a minor thing.  He was so wrong.  There at the daycare I unloaded liquid fire a couple times before Ashley called Dad.

"Yo, youz got to get Brix outta here and fast.  He can't control his poops!"
"Damn, he did what?"  Dad drove and picked me up and looked worried.

It wasn't the last of my plans.  In the night I unloaded on the carpet and you should have seen Mom and Dad argue.  It was too fun seeing how stressed they were knowing Mom had to leave the next day.  My plan had  worked,  Mom stayed one extra day.  But on Sunday, her and Dad left anyway and didn't come back until Monday.  Mom didn't come back with Dad.

At that point, I knew my plan started to backfire.  The diarrhea stayed with me.  On the 4th day Dad brought me to the big V, the vet.  And then the news came soon after from the doc.

"So we got the results from his stool.  He has a parasite. Don't be alarmed if you see spaghetti like worms in his stool.  Come by and pick up his medication."
"What kind of parasite does he have?"

I didn't believe it when I heard it.  Now I felt bad.  It wasn't part of the plan, I just wanted Mom to stay with me.  Now I got roundworms.  Dad is going to kill me now.  I'm hoping the medication cures me.  I just want things to go back the way it was, me, Mom, and Dad, chilling watching some good old movies on the tube.




Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Resolution

I got lots of toys this year!  Let me check the list.

1.  Soft brown furry toy from my grandparents.  Wrecked it already.
2.  Chew bone toy from Mom.  Thanks, love it.  Still in working order.
3.  Dad even gave me a reindeer toy.  Wrecked it already.
4.  One tug toy.  Dad doesn't allow me to play with it yet.
5.  One ball toy with a snow man face on it.  Again Dad doesn't allow me to play with it after what happened to item 1 and 3.
6.  Auntie Edilyn got me a new water bowl.  Thanks.
7.  Finally Dad got me liquid breath freshener.  He says it's not working.
8.  Mom got me lots of treats that make me fart more.

Have you guys thought of your new year's resolution.  Here is my list.

1.  Get a girlfriend.  I need one.  I'm so lonely.
2.  Stop terrorizing the other dogs in my neighbourhood.  I need anger management.
3.  Go back to daycare and let them know I am still boss there.  Actually Ashley is, but I can be her number two.
4.  Learn how to greet guests when they come over.  Slowly learning.  Dad is showing me the ropes.
5.  Learn how to say sorry 'cause I wrecked up the house yesterday going thru the recycling bin. 

What are your New Year's Resolutions canine and human friends