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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bloody Accident

Dad was pissed today! That's his knee! Ewww!!!! It's usually more hairy but he shaved around the knee. Don't ask me what happened. It was a bloody accident. I was having fun and running around. Dad was rollerblading with me. Dad's a good skater but he sure sucked today!

The unusual part about it, we saw about 6 dogs today, all in less than 30 mins. The accident happened as we were going home down a long stretch of road. I was running with Dad holding my leash, rollerblading behind me. Then, I spotted this small black min pin look a like but he was bigger and fatter. He started barking at me and dashed onto the road. Seeing he wanted to play, I ran closer to him and Dad followed. I think Dad turned his head to check for traffic and what happened next, I don't know.

SPLAT!!!!! Dad was flat on his stomach, hands out in front of him, face first. He must have slid a couple feet.


Dad got up, dusted his jacket, said nothing and kept going. The black min pin thingy stopped barking. That was it.

When we got home. I heard Mom and Dad talking.

"There go my jeans. Ah crap.....look at my knee. It's bloody!"
"What happened?", Mom asked
"All I remember, I was looking back to check for traffic. When I turned back, my rollerblade must have caught something and I fell flat on my stomach. It was like sliding into 2nd base face first."

Dad continued.

"I wasn't even pissed until the owner of that black mixed thingy dog just chuckled a little and smiled. He saw the whole f-ing thing. Not even a...are you okay?.....from him. He just walked on. "
"Well people are just like that babe. He saw you got up and you were ok."
"Good thing I was wearing my jacket or else I would have stuck to the road."

I guess we won't be rollerblading for a while until Dad's knee heals. Today is class too. I hope we still go. We haven't seen Ms. Glenny in a while. Keep you guys posted.

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