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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marley and Me - Review

Hey guys, the B-Stud was busy over the holidays, with me entertaining the family. friends and my girl Hannah. Mom and Dad for x'mas bought me a new bed. It's an orthopedic one and oh, it's so good. Good thing Mom didn't buy me a COACH collar or leash. I would seriously rip that up because no stud wears COACH. How's life been for the B-Stud you ask? It's been great! I sleep, eat, poop and people love me for it. Next week I have to see the vet. Hope I get a clean bill of health. I hear from Dad I need 3 shots. Like they're really going to be able to stick a needle into this Boxer body.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was a movie I saw yesterday called Marley and Me. To be honest, I thought it would be a dumb movie about a dog, so dumb that it brought tears to my eyes, to Mom and Dad's too. I know you cried Dad, don't you lie now, I saw moisture coming down. I see everything...in gray scale. Mom was balling and sniffing so much she ran out of tissues.

I won't be a spoiler of the movie but basically it's about Marley, the yellow lab, and his bond with his family. Marley is a cute dog, but I'm cuter. He's also a really badly behaved one, destroying everything in sight. People actually laugh when they see a dog destroying stuff. Mom and Dad would kill me if I acted that way. Although Marley acts so bad, his family accepts him the way he is, and love him. Throughout the movie, the canine to human bond grows and develops. His parents learn that puppy hood is actually hard work. New children are introduced into Marley's life and the less time is spent with the dog. At one point, Marley's parents want to get rid of him. I hope you don't do that to me Mom and Dad. They realize getting rid of the dog is not a solution and so life continues for Marley.

If you break it down, you see a lot of Marley running, destroying things, and his parents chasing after him. The turning point of the movie is when Marley begins to get old and here's where the bond with a dog really hits home. It can't be explained. People cry when their pets die. We never speak a word to our human parents, we never even give them gifts. Despite this, by being there all the step of the way with our master and supporting our two legged parents, we show unconditional love. When people see Marley in his last days, with his master by his side, your throat chokes up. It gets hard to breathe and water builds up in the eyes becoming tears. That's what I noticed with Mom and Dad. That bond cannot be explained. When it's time for me to say bye, I know Mom and Dad would do the same as Marley's parents did, bury me close to the home.

So from a dog's point of view, I give it two paws. Go see it, it's a powerful movie.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


I know, I'm 15 months old, and I still have accidents. I'm so ashamed, I'm crying right now as I write this. Hannah's going to dump me now. What kind of a stud am I when I can't hold my own bladder? I can't explain it, I didn't have too much water today, not too much food either, Dad always takes me out in the morning, in the afternoon and in the night....but somehow I still managed to pee under the dinner table before my evening pit stop.

Dad was upstairs working on his computer. I was with Grandpa and Grandma just watching TV in the kitchen. It just happened so fast, I felt the urge to release....c'mon Brix, hold it in, this is where we eat, just hold it in. Too late, I felt a warm stream of liquid travel it's pleasure path and pool around my paws. Ahhh, feels good....oh no, we're not outside!

"BRIX! BAD! Jason! He PEED!"
"WTF! I took him to pee in the afternoon and it's not even late in the evening."

I could see the stress in Grandpa's eyes and voice. I'm suppose to ease him of his pain and sickness but I failed. I just added more stress to him.

Dad was really really mad, not like I have seen him before. He gave me an earful even though I can hear 10x better than he can. He was always proud to tell his friends I never had an accident in the house. But Dad, you have to understand it from my point of view. We keep moving back and forth, my schedule changes all the time, and I was out eating snow when we played together remember? So really it's your fault for not realising I had to go. Don't put the blame on me you two legged freak with four eyes.

Anyway, I got grounded and whined and cried 'cause I still wanted to please Dad. Mom was away at work but she's going to be disappointed to when she hears the news. Just don't tell Hannah I peed in the house, she'd dump me for that bastard golden doodle Mody. She's mine Mody, I won the fight, Hannah chose me, give it up.

I'm pretty sure I don't have an infection and I'll bounce back from this, I promise.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life and Death

I'm still a young pup but Dad says one day, we all will die sooner or later. Hopefully later he says. In a way, each day we are getting closer to death. Dad tells me it's (life and death) just the cycle of life.

"Why are you depressing me Dad?"
"Cause one day Mom and Dad won't be around, you won't be around, Grandpa won't be around. "
"So remember the good times, and don't sweat the small stuff."
"Okay whatever."

I think he's telling me all this because of Grandpa. Mom told me it doesn't look good and if it is good, it'll be bad first before good comes. Things are getting confusing. I learned a new word today, cancer. Dad tried to explain it but I'm no scientist. I'm a socialite. Dad says even I could get cancer. What? C'mon, that's impossible. I'm a dog but he says I can. Sometimes I think Dad is pulling my paws.

I saw Grandpa yesterday. He was happy to see me. I always sit beside him at the dinner table, that's where I get the good stuff. I accidently wrecked the drapes beside the door this week. Sorry Grandpa. I was so excited to see this hot bitch outside. I had to flex some muscle and make some noise. Ya I made noise all right.

"Hey girl, wanna have a good time?" (shred shred shred)
"BRIX!!!!! HEY!!!!!!!! OFFFF!!!!!!"
"Holy dog crap. I'm in trouble!"
"You, in the corner and stay there. WRONG!"
"Sorry Dad. I'll never do it again" (whine whimper)

I got it good from Mom and Dad. I was grounded in the corner for an hour Now there's a big hole in the drapes. At least I can outside better now.

Well onto better news, I got a new girlfriend. Her name is Hannah the black lab. I think I got to first base with her yesterday. I tried for second but when I got on top of her, she pushed me off. Don't worry, I'm the B-Stud. I'm going to hit a homerun, don't you worry. Post some pics next time I see her. Once you go black, you don't ever come back. Arrfff arrf arrff!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

2010 Nikon Photo Contest

Happy Holidays! The weather is getting colder and Dad doesn't take me out much now. I hope I don't get fat over the holidays and winter. We still do indoor activities though. Today he made me jump over some boxes in the house and I passed with flying colours. It was fun. We should have taken pics Dad. Oh well.

Grandpa is getting better now, but Dad says he will be suffering for the next half year. I don't understand Dad. Why would Grandpa be suffering? He 's a good guy right? Dad and Mom say I'm too young right now to understand but to be strong for him. Again I don't know what that means but I'll try.

Today Dad was looking on the website Dogs in Canada.

"Brix, there's a 2010 Nikon photo contest. Wanna be in it?"

I just turned my head and ignored Dad. What a minute, if I win, I would be the most popular dog in the city! The bitches would love me and my cellie would be ringing off the hook, unlike right now.

"What do we win Dad?"
"We win an SLR camera from Nikon."
"You mean, YOU, would win a nikon camera."
"What do I win?"
"You'd win the hearts of millions and your photo would be published in the magazine Dogs in Canada."

Hell no, I'm not going to look all pretty and strutt my pretty arce for Dad to win a camera. Why don't I get to win anything? I'm going to purposely make your photos look bad Dad. Yes, that's what I'll do.

This is my first Christmas with my new pack. I wonder what they will get me? I hear Mom might get me a COACH collar or leash. Mom, I'm a stud. Studs don't wear COACH! I'm not going to be one of those dogs who become gender challenged. If I get COACH this year I'm going to tear it up so I won't have to wear it ever!

Not much else is going on, hope to see some of my fans soon and maybe you will see me in Dogs in Canada. Probably not 'cause I don't want Dad to win a camera.