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Specs Dogs is a collection of boxer dog stories told from the eyes of Brix, the boxer dog. He is also known as the B-Stud. From these boxer stories, we learn of the joys and pains of puppy-hood to adult life. Along the way, boxer dog and owner learn to strengthen their human to canine bond thru training, playing and just being plain silly. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brix is Sick

To my B-Stud fans, things weren't looking good.

"Brix! Let's go!" Dad called from the kitchen.
"Ohhh, I wonder where Dad is taking me this time," I thought.

I turned the corner to see Mom and Dad packing up a cooler, some bags and some other human goodies. No, not another long car ride.

"We're going to visit Mom's friend and there's going to be lots of land to run around Brix."
"Arfff! Arfff!", me loves to run.

After an hour in the car we got to a big house in the middle of nowhere. All I could see were miles of green grass and my ticket to freedom. I had so much fun that day. Everyone loved me. They all said I was handsome. I ran like the wind and even tried chasing after a boat in the pool. Life was good until the next day.

Dad fed me my usual morning meal. For a long time I've been trying to tell my Dad,
I didn't like it. I would just stare at the food even though he gave me permission to take it.

"But I don't want this food! No I'm not eating this. You eat it Dad!"
"Brix you better eat that food 'cause it cost me a fortune."

So I ate it like a good doggie. 6 hours later....

"Why am I feeling dizzy. Why can't I see straight. Oh no, my stomach feels weird."

I started to lick my lips incessently, gulping mass amounts of air. Mom and Dad were doing errands and I was stuck in my kennel.

"I can't help it anymore.....raaawwwlf. Raaaaawwwfffff"

I wanted to eat the vomit that came out of my mouth, but decided not to. Then I heard them come in.

"Ne, what's that on the ground?", Dad questioned.
"Uh. that looks like Brix's undigested food," Mom replied.
"What? How can that be?"

Dad washed my bed that night but the next day I threw up on it again.

"What the hell Brix! I washed your bed and you vomit again!" Dad fumed.
"I'm sick and you're worried about the bed! Gee thanks for the love and support Dad." I was mad but didn't have the energy to argue with Dad.

Dad fasted me for 24 hours to rest my tummy. I continued to vomit on and off. After each vomit I was my old self again. Dad thinks it was something I ate at the party but he soon smartened up and decided to put me back on my old Wellness Core food.

After a week of not eating my regular amount of food, Mom and Dad decided I had to see the vet. He was a nice man, and I could tell Dad and Mom felt comfortable with him.

"Oh I'm not worried about him. He's definitely not a sick dog. I would say it was just a food intolerance and you are already transitioning him off the old food."

Mom and Dad were relieved. Soon after, I was back to my old self again and not vomiting. I did miss one class but it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm a star in the class! And if I did something wrong, I know it's not my fault 'cause it's always going to be Dad's fault for not teaching me. Ain't that right Dad?


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