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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bad Brix

Just as soon as I wrote about being a good boy this year for Xmas....I got into some serious trouble...Mom and Dad got so mad!

Dec 23

Like usual, Dad leaves for work in the morning and leaves me at home with Mom.  Mom usually gets up an hour later after Dad leaves.  I always make sure Dad doesn't get attacked on his way to the car and then head back to bed.  This morning was a little different.

"There goes Dad again.  No one tried to ambush him.  I shall expect him at 6pm sharp tonight.  Time for bed until then.", but before I could make it to bed.

*sniff sniff*

"....hmmm...kitchen smells good today.  Oh, I wonder what this bag is here for.  Let me just give it a whiff ......oh my God!!!....i just hit the motherload!..."

There, in the bag, were boxes of shortcake cookies.  Mom had made these the night before and left them on the ground.  Blind bat Dad didn't see them either.  They seem to forget I have a Phd and that I'm much smarter than them.

"...well....well...I could sell these to my canine friends....make a 100% profit and revenues would go up the roof!!!!.....or I could just eat them...."

At that instant, I was reminded of a tune....."never get high on your own supply...."  I should have listened.

30 mins later, I had consumed parchment paper, paper boxes and 24 shortcake cookies, 4 of which had mini chocolate tolberones.  I did with ninja like skill.   Mmmm mmm mmm.  That was so good!  I wanted more!  No one is going to stop me, not even those people from the Intervention show could.

Then the rumbling of footsteps from upstairs.....Mom.

"Hmmm....what the heck is my cookie tin doing in the middle of the ocean here."
"What da @#$@%!  What did you do!  You are a very bad boy, I'm so mad at you.  What's wrong with you!"

With the yank of my collar I was led to the basement dungeon, a prisoner of the crime I had committed. Mom called Dad and explained what happened.  Dad came home during his lunch and gave me the biggest lecture. 

Luckily for me the chocolate wasn't enough to poison me, but for the next day and a half, my bum bum was like a waterfall ...you get the picture.

Dec 24

I guess Mom and Dad didn't take me to the party, nor did they take me to Gramps because I spent Xmas alone, in my kennel.  I didn't open any gifts, didn't sing any songs, didn't get a girlfriend for Xmas like I had asked Santa.  I wonder what Mom and Dad will do next....



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Stupid Hat

"It's the most, wonderful time....of the year....."

BULL.....SH.....EIGHT!   See that stupid hat on my head?  Every year at around this time, Mom and Dad make me wear this stupid hat.  But I still look damn good with it on.

During this time of year, the humans call it Christmas. I know I get presents.  Mom and Dad have a stocking for me and ha......it's bigger than theirs!  I've been a good doggie this year, I should get what I want from Jolly St. Nick.

Hmmm....let me see what I want this year.  Oh here's my list.

1.  A girlfriend so I can just hang wit, you kno what I'm saying?
2.  Maybe another girlfriend or three?
3.  Better teeth.
4.  To be healthy.

See my list list isn't too greedy.  I'm a dog, I dno't need a big fancy house, cars, or anything material.  I know my Ninang Edilyn and my bestest buddy Ron got me a present, but Dad said not to open it until the 25th.  I know what it is anyway...it's a blanket....I can smell it, I'm a dog.

Anyway, I better get going now, lots of xmas cards to write to my doggie friends.  I wish all my doggie friends and viewers, a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!  I'll let you guys know what else I get on the 25th.  I hope it's a girlfriend....I know the ladies dig my hat!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pet Blessing

It's almost Christmas and there's lots of snow already!  I wonder what Mom and Dad are going to get me this year. 

During Christmas Mom and Dad usually go to Church.  Now I don't know what church is but all I know,  it's the building with a plus sign on it.  They call that Church.  Anyway, this Sunday I got to find out what Church was all about.

Dad drove us to the plus sign building and we walked through some big doors. As soon as I got in...I was on red alert.  I smell dogs here...

"OMG, (not that I believe in God) church is another word for doggie daycare! Where da dogs at?"

We walked into an area with lots of seats, Dad called them pews.  I saw Bear under one of them pews.

"Yo Bear, what are you doing here?"
"Did your Dad not tell you, we're getting blessed today."
"Blessed? I'm new at this Church thing.  Does that means we gets food?"
"No. We get to see the Reverend and he calls on some high powers to watch over us."
"Bear, has you been smoking those doggie biscuits again?  I told youz they not right."

After some singing it was time to see the Rev.

You know I don't remember a word he said to me while he petted my head.  I just remember wanting to sniff doggie butts and getting into the faces of my fellow doggie friends.  Dad didn't remember what Rev. said either 'cause he was too busy keeping me still.   But I got blessed at Church and I felt good.  Hopefully xmas and the new year will be a good one for me and family and to y'all as well.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is Your Dog Racist

This morning the family went to Starbucks Coffee.  Mom went in and Dad stayed with me outside.

While we were waiting one caucasian man said:

"...Hey nice dog.  My buddy has one exactly the same..."
" He has a brindle too eh?  Nice have a good day."  Dad replied to the man.

Just moments later...another caucasian man saw us outstide Starbucks and said.

"Nice dog...."
"Thanks." Dad replied and waved.
"Brix, everyone thinks you're pretty."
"I know I am Dad, just look at me.", I flexed my hind leg muscles.

Finally Mom came out with her coffee.

"Ah look at my handsome Brix."

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a darker shade of caucasian (which = black guy).  He was right behind Mom  and I knew Mom was in danger.  I started to pull Dad and started to growl.

"Brix!  Stop it.  Don't be racist. He's not even doing anything." Dad yelled
"OMG, our dog is racist." Mom said when we got into the car.
"Mom, Dad, you know I'm not racist.  I'm colour blind. !!!!"

With that Mom and Dad shut up the rest of the way home.

B-Stud wins again.

"Brix...you know dogs see in shades of....."
"Shut up Dad....I win!..."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Education Time from Professor Brix

So Xmas is coming soon, and I knows all you humans want to buy puppies for the kids.  But if you don't know anything about puppyhood, Professor B-Stud can help. 

Dad didn't know anything about dogs....he was scared of dogs actually.  That's what he tells me.  Because Mom wanted a dog so bad....Dad decided he'd volunteer at the local canine daycare to learn about dogs.  That's where I met Dad and he met me at about 12 weeks.  Not love at first sight though.  He was a wimpy fellow and a push over.  Little did we know, a year later I would end up joining his pack.

Mom and Dad missed my puppyhood years, they were lucky I was an adult already.  But I have this handy ebook that was sent from a friend.  It's all about what to expect in puppyhood.  I thought I'd share it with you all.  Here's the link:


Oh and by the way, keep in mind, there is no "perfect" puppy.

Dr. B-Stud.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Freaky Cat

Mom and Dad decided to start Halloween a little early .... so they tried to scare the pancreatitis out of me by bringing home...this poor thing... Freaky Cat.

"Ohh...let's see how Brix will react to Freaky Cat!"
"I bet he's gonna go nuts!"
"Yeah yeah.....wait....don't let him see it yet...."

I think Mom and Dad think I'm stooopid or something.    B-Stud don't get scared of nobody!  When I saw Freaky Cat, I admit, I sniffed a little...just to make sure it wasn't alive.  I even touched Freaky Cat's paw to checks for a pulse.  Nope....it dead all right...and in my way of eating and drinking.

Move aside Freaky Cat, the only one that will be scaring the kids is me!  When that doorbell rings, I am going to scare all the kids away.  Yes...yes....that'll be my plan....see you on Halloween.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MINE - The Movie

The past couple days I've been resting and not moving around too much because of my pancreatitis.  I haven't been eating as much and I'm bored as hell.  So yesterday Mom and Dad rented a movie and watched it with me.  I would recommend it to everyone!  The movie is call MINE. 

What's it about?

Real simple, it's about my fellow canines in New Orleans during the Katrina evacuation.  Many, many families had to leave their dogs to evacuate the city.  Where the humans were going, dogs were not allowed.  They were not part of the evacuation plan.    So the families left them at home, vowing to return and get them.

Well the problem is, the families were not allowed to return to the city until weeks and possibly months later. Many dogs had fled the house during the hurricane, hid in small spaces or even got trapped.  Dog rescue volunteers took many of these dogs to shelters near by so owner could claim them later.  But the shelters got packed.  In one shelter, there were 3000 dogs.  They had to be shipped to other shelters in a different state. 

The Dilemma 

When the citizens of New Orleans were finally able to return to a city that was destroyed by the hurricane, all they wanted was their furry companion back.  It didn't matter if their house was ruined, they just needed their friend to get thru the tough times but how were they going to do that?  How were they going to find their pet?  Some dogs had already been released to new homes where they had bonded to a new family.  It became a custody battle between original owner and new owner.


I give it two paws way up and recommend it to all pet lovers!  It will really make you stop and think, "...what if that was me?"


Friday, October 15, 2010

Pancreatitis - A Bad Day

"Don't feed Brix that....he's got a sensitive stomach"
"We only feed him a grainless diet......"
"He can't have those treats because he might vomit...."

The 5 days

Mom and Dad have been really careful of what I eat.  People say I'm really built and got no fat at all.  But for some reason, I got sick....starting 5 days ago.....when all of a sudden I just vomitted probably all my food on the porch where Dad took me.  Dad said it was probably the most food he's seen me vomit.  I vomitted 3 times in less than an hour.

"Great....what did you pick up this time Brix?"  Dad questioned.
"Is he ok?" Uncle Ron asked.
"Don't know yet.  We'll have to fast him again for a day and see if it continues."

The next day, Dad starved me.  I sat pretty in my area, waiting for food, but Dad didn't even make a move for the dog food in the kitchen.  This sucks, I thought.  I feel fine, give me food you human!  The next day Dad feed me a little.  My stomach started to make gurggling sounds.  Hmmm...must be nothing I thought.
The rest of the day I rested.

The next morning, I didn't feel so good, and had to go outside to eat grass.  The stomach gurggles came back.  I fasted for another day.

"Hmmm....something isn't right.  You ok Brix?"
"I'm fine Dad...see....look at me play....and move here....and dart over there....I'm ok."

But alas, I vomitted more food the next day and that's when Dad knew, it was more serious than before.

The Vet

"He sure looks fine, he's young, no bloating, probably just ate something bad...No fever, gums look good, eyes look good....but we need to do blood tests.  And take some antibiotics just in case.....oh and eat this bland diet I'm going to give you."

That night Dad received a message from the Doc.

"Interesting results from the blood test, Brix has a little bit of pancreatitis.  Call me in the morning."

What now?

So I got pancreatitus...what's the big deal?  Dad says, I could die from it....c'mon!  I'm young and invinceable.  Dad says, I'm not....and it might be chronic....and that I'll need to change my diet.... again.
I just turned 3!  I can't have pancreatitus....I'm not even fat!

But Dad says sometimes, it just happens with no reason and the pancreas could eat itself. I will now have to eat a low fat diet.  We were on a 14-16% fat diet which I thought was moderate....but doc says we have to go down to 8-10%.  Dad even had me on prozymes before this. 

Sometimes, even when you think you're doing everything right, bad things occur.  I know Mom and Dad are sad, 'cause I have this condidtion now and the diet is for life...but I will cheer them up....so I eat a low fat diet....I know I won't get fat...hopefully that means I'll live longer.  We'll just see how it goes from now on.  If you guys have any advice, I'd like to hear from you.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Trying to get into bed

This weekend was thanksgiving for us here in Canada. All I wanted to do was go to sleep. Dad and Mom never allow me up on the bed but being it was thanksgiving, they let me just this one time. I was so excited 'cause I've never sleep on a "real" bed before.....but as you can see, I had some difficulty.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

"It's ma party.....and I'll cry if I want to....cry if I want to....."  You guys all know that one right?  That's how I feel.  My third birthday is coming up in a couple hours and guess what.....no big celebration....no party....none of my doggie friends are coming over....and I don't smell any presents for me!  What a pathetic third birthday.

"I want Brix to have a party babe..."  Mom asked Dad earlier this week.
"Heck no.  I'm not having 10 dogs in our house running wild."  Dad replied.
"Relax, we'll have it at the park.  We can invite Ace, Tungsten, Mushu, Shy.....can we?"

So I'm turning 3 years old.  I should be getting wiser.  After all, I did get my PHd in Advanced Obedience this year.  That's one accomplishment....even though I'd probably never pass the CGN test.....damn stranger greetings.  At 3 years old, I feel mature.  I no longer drag my Dad around when walking, I no longer get excited over loud noises....I don't chew up shoes or furniture....I sometimes just like curling up and sleeping in my bed or sun bathing.  At 3 years old, I know how to behave in the house and jbiq what's expected of me.  I know my boundaries and don't dare to cross them. Turning 3 actually feels good.  Dad even thinks I don't get too excited over dogs anymore.

This past week I met a 5 month old German Shepherd, Roxie.  She was exuberant, bouncing up and down, pawing my back, jumping on my back, but I didn't care.  I just let her do her thing.  I didn't even want to play which surprised both Mom and Dad.  Dad even told Mom he feels more relaxed on our walks even when we see a dog.  In the words of Dad, "Brix is manageable."

Some of Dad and Mom's friends say I'm a well behaved dog.  Dad always tells them, "it was never always like this.  You have to remember Brix is 3 and so he's mentally mature...plus, we continually train him, everyday, and by no means is he perfect."  I'll always look like a puppy though.  2 people thought I was a puppy this week!

So happy 3rd birthday to me and I'd like to give a few shout outs:

- to my 4 legged Mom and Dad, Sheba and Samson, I'm a man now and I'm doing well in the world
- to the Fernley pack, even though I had to go as a young pup, I always remember the yellow house in the corner when we walk by sometimes.  One time Dad let go of my leash and I walked up the steps and waited by the door.
- to my sister, min pin Shy, you'z real old!
- to my Mom, I know you missed out almost a year because of school...but I think we're making up for it now
- to my Dad, hope to have many more years to come with you pops....don't give up on me when the going gets tough....'cause I never gave up on you.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

We'z going Fishing!

Hey folks.  B-Stud is back from just being lazy for the past 2 weeks.  Plus, I've been watching Dad fix his crappy car...making sure no one comes and bothers him while he's in the garage

Anyway, Uncle Ron and Jimmy took me to go fishing the past weekend.  I guess they were hoping I could catch some fish for them.  I think I scared them away and hey...I'm no water dog.

Here I am, on the look out for some fishys.

Since the fish didn't come to me, I went in to look for them myself.  The water was COLD!

That's me and Uncle Jimmy.  I thought he caught a big fish but it was his lure. Darn.

But he did catch this big stick! And then gave it to me to play with.

Uncle Ron wasn't as lucky as he fought hard to catch this small stick.

After about 2 hours, we called it quits.  No luck with the fishys this time but I sure had fun playing around in the water.  Better luck next time guys.


Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Exercise Your Dog

 Just me and my Dad rollerblading around the block again. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010


While many people are starting to head back to school, the B-Stud here graduated with flying colours....at least I think so.

There's me and Mom getting ready to do the mock Canine Good Neighbour Test.  I was so ready for it!  But I think Mom said I failed the human greeting part.  I can't help it,  I need to get up and investigate who's coming close to my Moms. I guard Mom with all my heart.

That's my favourite teacher, Ms. Glenny.  Sorry Dad, you're not my number one teacher.  Notice how I'm not paying attention to her, that's 'cause I'm too darn smart of course!

Here, we are working on our recalls.  I knew this one by heart and raced towards Mom when she called me. No problem.

And there it is, straight to the front of the fridge, my diploma, to go along with the many others I have.  So now that I passed ...everyone will now address me as Dr. B-Stud, my paper proves it so.

Then from the distance....

"Brix, you're a repeat offender. Get over yourself."

Thanks Dad, way to support your dog.  No time to talk, I'm heading out to the after party.  See ya.

Dr. B-Stud
Investigative Butt Analysis Unit.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Brother???

Mom and Dad really made my life miserable last week.  They ruined my life.  Last Tuesday they come home with this!  A 1.5 yr old Goldendoodle!  Rusty is his name

"Surprise Brix!!!!!", Mom and Dad shouted as they bust open the door and let Sir Shagalot in.
"What da arf!?!?  How dare they..."
"Oh my, look at Rusty's coat, it's hyper-allergenic," Mom commented
"Check this out, Rusty sit....oh he knows it!...." Dad cheered.

How dare they bring home another dog....and a male one too.  This is my house, you just can't bring home a dog without asking the boss first.  Dad brought Rusty outside again and Mom leashed me up to go meet himm.  This was going to be good.

We were allowed to greet after everyone had calmed down and after we did a little walking.  As I got close to Rusty to sniff his butt,  he jumped away and in a soft voice spoke.

"Please don't hurt me, I don't like big dogs that much."
"Why do you think I'm going to hurt you?"  I asked him.
"I know what dominant dogs smell like.  I smelt it from far.  Oh plus that lamp post told me you would challenge anyone who dare pee over your pee.."
"Well, looks like we can be friends after all.  Listen little buddy, as long as you follow my rules, you can hang with me."

And with that I let him enter my domain.  I could tell he was uncomfortable with me.  Maybe 'cause I'm twice his age?.  It's obvious from our photo together. We are sitting far apart from each other. 

"So Brix, what do you think of Rusty?", Dad asked.
 "Don't you remember I got bit in the ear by a goldendoodle?  Blood everywhere?  Murder scene?"
"Yeah, but that was a different dog, and not all goldendoodles are like that."
"What were you thinking Dad?  What is he doing here?  Are you going to ship me off to China? They eat dogs there!!!  You can't be that desperate for money!"
"No, no, no....we're dog sitting Rusty for 3 nights."
"What? Dog sitting?  You means he's not living here for good. You mean...he's not my brother from a different mother?  All right...I don't have to share anything with him."

Now that I was completely relieved and relaxed I headed to my bed.  Rusty slept in a playpen far away from where I was.  Good I thought, time to enjoy some sleep.  but not long after....

"HHHHMmmmffff, mmmmmmmfff....."

I woke up instantly....what was that?

*scratch scratch scratch.... bam!*

Next thing I know I see Rusty walking around huffing and puffing in the living room.  Dammit, can't you see I'm trying to sleep kid!  He escaped the pathetic playpen my Dad made a total of 6 times that night.  You have to give the kid credit, he's smart.  He was able to push the door open and crawl thru the small opening.  He's smarter than my Dad.  Rusty finally couldn't problem solve anymore that night and finally fell asleep and so did I.

The next day Rusty started to get into the habit of things here at the B-Stud household.  You have to sit on the mat to get your paws wiped...go to your bed before they serve you food.  They'll make you do some stupid tricks before you get to eat too.  No jumping up on the couch or going up the stairs.  He got most of it.  Dad also took the both of us to rollerblade but Rusty couldn't catch up to us even at slow speed.

"C'mon Rusty, let's go!"  Dad called.
"Rusty, this is such a walk in the park.  I'm not even breaking a sweat," I added.
"You guys are Nazi's.  Insane!  Why do you do this to yourselves?"  Rusty said as he gasped for air.

On the 3rd day....he rose again.....oops wrong story.  On the 3rd day Rusty and I went to the daycare.  This is us after daycare.  We were exhausted. 

And before I knew it, Rusty was gone...back to his rightful owner.  To tell you the truth, I kind of missed the little fella.  He was like a little brother to me.  I showed him the ropes around here, taught him to hold his head up high.  Maybe we'll see each other again.  I don't know.  In any case, he's always welcome back to the B-Stud residence.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camping at Silent Lake Ontario

Seriously, we need a bigger car...I can't take the long drives cramped like this.  And this time it took us 3 hours to get there!  My complaining fell on deaf ears.  Typical humans, they never listen to what we're saying. 

So the last trip of the summer and it rained...but that didn't ruin our fun.  Dad setup tarps to shelter us from the rain.  He even showed off his knots to Uncle Ron.  Mom and Aunt Ed kept saying they were nerds.  I don't know what that means.

This is our pack taking on the Lakeshore hiking trail.  We walked for 2 hours, uphill, downhill, around rocks and tree branches....Uncle Ron said it if we walked the whole trail, it would have taken us 6 hours!  Good thing I had my back pack 'cause I carried water for everyone.

Because our campsite was so big this time, I had to protect it with honor.  So much so, I kind of got into a fight with another pack.  It wasn't my fault I'm so strong....I tore the tie out right out of the dirt.  The other pack freaked out and then started to yell and curse at me, Mom and Dad.  The park ranger came by and told Dad to use a tree as a tie out instead because of the wet ground.   No blood no foul I hope.  My instincts got the better of me.  Mom and Dad were disappointed as they put me in my crate the rest of the night.

Here's me and Dad just relaxing on the dock the next day.  They were tired from kayaking in the morning and Uncle Ron and Ed went fishing.  Too bad Uncle Ron didn't catch any fish.  "Next time I'll come box them out of the water Uncle Ron..."  I tried to cheer him up.  All in all, we had a great trip and next year, we hope to have many more adventures out in Ontario.

P.S  It was my first time seeing a female deer.  I didn't know what to do so I stood frozen like a statue.  She was huge!  Not my type tho.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

At the Drive In

So now that Dad is better, he wanted to do something with the family.  So he took the family to the drive thru movies!  Yay! I get to go too and it's one of my favorites 'cause I get to see other dogs walking around, we meet new people and Dad and Mom always bring pizza to eat!  They never share with me though. 

Here's me and Mom waiting for the sun to go down.
Last time we came to the drive in we watched "Grown Ups".  Dad said it wasn't as good as he expected it would be, especially 'cause he likes Adam Sandler movies.  So yesterday we watched "Indespicable Me" and he was laughing almost every second of the way.  After the movie we continued to watch the second show, "Charlie St. Cloud."  I think 15 mins into the movie, Dad had already fell asleep but Mom stayed up and watched it all.  I fell asleep too and by the end, Mom was clapping and cheering.

That's me and Mom from yesterday.  Just another day, and another way to enjoy the time with Mom and Dad.  Thank goodness Dad is feeling better now 'cause next week, weez going camping again!  Can't wait!  I better not get kennel cough again.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dad still sick

Dad's been sick for over a week now!  He was getting better until someone smashed into the back of our car.  Our car was parked and luckily me and Dad were heading back to the car when we caught the person red handed. 

I think that pushed Dad into a relapse as he started to get a fever, headache and strep throat.  I've been hanging around watching over Dad.  Mom's been taking care of Dad and me too.  Lots of stuff been happening to me but I'll wait 'till Dad gets better to let you all know. 

This weekend will be Mom and Dad's 2 year anniversary and they're driving down to Niagara and to Buffalo for some shopping.  Which leaves me at my grandparents.  They love me even though they always told Dad not to get a dog.  As soon as I came into their lives... wham...  instant love.  It took grandma a bit of time because she said she was scared of my size and bark.  C'mon, I'm the smallest boxer around.

Anyway, gotta check on Dad to see if he's taken his meds.  


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend at the Cottage

This weekend Mom and Dad surprised me.

"Brix, let's go to the cottage!"
"What?  When did we get a cottage?", I asked.
"Oh, well you know, when we won the lotto 649." Dad replied.

What!!!!!?????? I wiggled my butt so hard it almost fell off and bounced up and down at the news.
I started to do my stud dance...

"We won the jackpot!  We won the jackpot! Holy crap we won!"
"Holy crap, you really believe we won?"
"What are you saying Dad?"
"We're going to Dom's cottage stooge, pack 'em up."
"Frig, we didn't win?"

Way to give a boxer a heart attack.  Damn, imagine we did win....I could pay someone to be my girlfriend...but naw...weez didn't win.

So off we went to Uncle Dom's cottage.  It was our first time there and I had a blast.  Check me out, that's me on the beach and behind me....is someone else's boat.  That's Georgian Bay where Dad and Uncle Ron paddled in Dad's inflatable kayak.  They got soaked and Dad's camera got submerged in water.  Guess the dry sac isn't waterproof eh Dad?  He wasn't pissed at all about the camera.   He can now buy an SLR. 

At the beach I met another boxer, Kayko.  He's getting into his senior years at 7yrs of age.  So I respects him and carefully greeted him.  I sniffed his butt, he sniffed mine and it was going great until he thought he could put his head over my shoulder.  You knows the B-Stud don't takes dat from nobody.  And weez argued a bit.

"Hey man, I respects you, but youz can't be putting your heads over me."
"This is my beach, I've been here 7 years, who are you to question my authority."
"Oh, you didn't know, I'm the B-Stud and you better fear me...cause...cause....cause my kungfu is stronger than yours!"
"Get out of here little man....all what...60lbs of skin and bone.  Move along."

I didn't let that ruin my day.  I played with Mom along the shore, Dad and I ran in the morning, Uncle Dom and Ron laughed at my boxer antics.  Auntie Ed and Joce were saying how well I was behaved at the cottage.  It was a good weekend to remember. 


Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Award!

This is interesing, I'z gotz an award! Yay! Thanks to Lucy's Human, lovely Lucy graciously sent me this award.

The guidelines for accepting this award are :

1. Thank the person who gave it to you
2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers whom you have recently discovered,
and think are fantastic

7 things you don't know about me, the B-Stud.  My secrets are out!

1.  Ever since Mom and Dad adopted me, I've never had to cut my nails.  Good for Mom and Dad right.
2.  My teeth are bad.  =(.  Brushing my teeth is a 2 person process.  One to hold me down, the other does the brushing.
3   I get a hardon sometimes when I see Mom or Dad in the mornings.  Mom touched it once.  Dad freaked out.
4.  My farts smell like roses.  People hold their nose or start fanning the air.
5.  I get stressed in the elevator and long car rides especially when the car is packed with stuff.  I start hyper-ventilating
6.  I'm not scared of thunder or rain, but fireworks freak me out.
7.  I know exactly when we pass by my grandparnts house, uncle V's house, doggie daycare, Global Pet Food, and my original home.  I stand up in the backseat of the car and stick my head out the window.  Sometimes I whine when we whiz by those places.

10 bloggers I think are FANTASTIC.

1.  Maggie Mae - I like secretly likes her but she lives too far to starts a relationships...
2.  Lucky is Human - another beauty but I like to keep my options open.  She gets to do fun stuff all the time.
3.   Dogs in Canada Blog - they got good stuff and I subscribe to them to keep up with my canaine peeps.
4.  Patricia McConnel - she's a top dog trainer and I read to see how not to piss off Mom and Dad.
5.  Stanley Coren blog - another top dog trainer where I can see how to be the best behaved dog there is.
6. Jean's Blog - dog behaviourist Jean Donaldson. Dog Star Daily - ton of blogs from well respected people in the canine world. Great information from the grand daddy of dog training Ian Dunbar.

Cheers, B-Stud.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rusty on the First Day

School is in session, summer school to be exact.  Just another reason to prove I'm the top dog in class and this time it's going to be easy.  There's only 4 doggies in class!  I know I can take these canines 'cause I run the show in this region.

"Brix, you're getting cocky again.  What did I tell you?"
"I don't know Dad, that I'm the best around, nothing is ever going to take me down?"
"Brix, your standard of good isn't exactly the same standard they hold elsewhere.  Far from it."
"Geez Dad, way to be a supporting Father.  Hate to be your two legged son.  That's why Mom is in this class, not you."

To sum it up, I dids what I was axed, protexts when the others invaded and made my class laugh when I played dead....even though I was suppose to demonstrate an exercise. I'm going to so rock this class with flying colours!


Picture 1:  That's me protecting Momma from a Lab who was coming near.  Check out how muscular my hind legs are.  All American muscle.
Picture 2:  Oh that's me again this time wanting to play with the newbies in class.
Picture 3:  That's me showing how smart I am watching Momma.  I get treats for that.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Camping Yes! Kennel Cough No!

Finally, our camping trip was about to start.  Everyone started to get excited and Dad was able to stuff all our gear in his little Civic.  My goal for the trip was eat, sleep, poop but I was in for a real big surprise. There's me in Dad's car, waiting for Mom who wanted some caffiene before the trip.

The car was so packd, Dad was only able to leave me a sliver of space for the 2 hour car ride. I panted and looked over my shoulder frequently for any falling objects. When are we going to get a bigger car Dad? He says when I make money.

After a stressful ride for me, I chilled with Dad on the ground.

During the night I slept in Mom and Dad's tent.   There I am popping my head up from the sheets.  Mom says I look like a nun.

The next day, sure enough, Dad had planned a ton of activities for me.  The first two days our pack walked or jogged everywhere.  We went to the beach, back to the campsite, to the washrooms, to the hiking trails, to get ice cream, back to the beach.  Walking was fine but the bad part was swimming.  I told her I wanted to sleep but she and Dad both forced the orange life jacket on me.  Even with the orange life jacket on, don't be fooled,  I'm still a sexy stud magnet.  Believe that.

Having never tried swimming before, I freaked out.  "Help, my parents are lunatics, they want to kill me..." Every chance I had, I tried making a beeline to the shore only the get turned a round by Mom.  The water was freezing and the feeling of having nothing under my feet scared me.  I just needed to keep my head above water at all times. 


There's mom helping me learn the art of swimming. I kind of bruised and scratched her limbs with my paws 'cause I was paddling like a maniac and making big splashes of water. After a long time, I got tired and let the life jacket keep me a float. After settling down a little Mom had fun chasing me.

I was not ready for what was next on the third day.  I suddenly started to feel a scratch in my throat.  I tried coughing it out.  Then tried a again, and again but nothing came out.  Sometimes I would lie down and feel the urge to cough.  The terrible dry cough and hacking sounds woke up our camp and the surrounding ones.  I was sick and needed to rest.  Dad and Mom whisptered between themselves.  I'm a dog, I can hear you remember?
"Honey, he's sick. Look at him, he doesn't look normal." 
"I think he has kennel cough but how? One of the dogs here?"  Dad tried to make sense of it.
"He was at the daycare on Friday but that was 5 days ago."  Mom interjected.
"Don't know the incubation period. I can't say."  Dad replied.

So Dad gave me a break and I laid to rest all Saturday because of my kennel cough.  I was not allowed to meet other dogs and basically was quarantined.  I laid under some shade and thought to myself, "finally, I can enjoy what I wanted to do this whole trip, eat, sleep and poop." and I fell sound asleep.