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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Naked Outdoors

Did you think Mom actually got outdoors and stipped naked for you? She always covers up with expensive clothes. I hear Dad always complain, "...what, you bought another top! How much?!?!"
I've always wondered why us dogs don't cover up. We walk around outdoors, naked all the time. People can see my weiner you know. Mom even touches my wee wee sometimes, which is weird. "Look how soft it is.....I wonder if pee will come out if I squeeze it..." Luckily it didn't.
It was so hot this weekend, I really wish I was naked and had my fur shaved off. Dad wanted to take his top off too but he didn't want to scare the neighbours. Since it was so hot, he filled up the inflatable pool and gave me a bath. He says it's not good to always bathe me so he does it every 4 months only. Now I smell good and I got rid of my old dead fur. You should feel my coat. It's nice and soft.
That was the highlight of my boring weekend. It was too hot to do anything else. More to come when I go to class on Wednesday.

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