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Specs Dogs is a collection of boxer dog stories told from the eyes of Brix, the boxer dog. He is also known as the B-Stud. From these boxer stories, we learn of the joys and pains of puppy-hood to adult life. Along the way, boxer dog and owner learn to strengthen their human to canine bond thru training, playing and just being plain silly. Enjoy!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rotten Teeth

Folks, how many of you hate the dentist? Luckily I haven't been to a dentist but Mom and Dad think they have a degree in dog dentistry.

This week they decided my top front teeth needed some cleaning. Problem is, I have an underbite, like all boxers do and they are hidden behind the bottom ones.

"Jay, have you seen Brix's top teeth. They are gross. They look rotten." Mom said.
"No they are not. " Dad replied.
"Look at them. There's brown crap around the teeth and ...eeew...looks like there are hairs between his teeth!"

So Mom and Dad brought out the green toothbrush. It was a two person process. Dad had to lie me on my side, practically sit on me and open my mouth while Mom did the brushing. Do not try this at home. Dad got me to open my mouth while Mom brushed the front.

"Ooooowwww!" I shook hard. My front teeth bled from the first brush. I guess they are in bad shape.

"Hold him down Jay." Mom directed.
"Babe, I think we should stop. It's too much for him. His gums are bleeding."
"No, his teeth are rotten. Do you want his teeth to fall out. Then hold him down."

Wonder who wears the pants in their relationship? Dad continued to pin me down. I struggled, jerked around, tried chewing the toothbrush to pieces but I was trapped. When it was done, I gave a big shake 'cause it was stressful.

Dad said if I didn't continue brushing, it could lead to other serious diseases, not to mention, breaking the bank. Well hopefully my pearly whites won't fall out 'cause I don't think they make dog dentures.

This week is another class at the Campus. Can't want to see the others....will have updates soon.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brix getting his Masters

Folks, good news. We have internet now! Unfortunately, it was short lived as we found out the line got cut because of construction outside. But we are online again.

"So how's Brix?", Mrs. Glenny asked.
"Oh, he's a great dog but......he's just terrible with other dogs. He goes nuts for them!", Dad complained.
"Yeah, that's a common complaint of Boxer owners."
"Really? I mean, he's a little better when he sees the smaller ones, but if it's a black lab, forget about it."
"Why don't you join our Advanced in the Park class?", Mrs. Glenny offered.
"Oh no Mrs. Glenny, I couldn't".
"Sure you can, we have one spot left. C'mon."

And that's how it all started. I was enjoying my summer vacation, eat shit sleep, when Dad just had to talk to the head instructor. Now it's like I'm going for my Masters, Masters of the Delinquents!

Basically Dad is asking me to be a "gentlemen" and more civilized when I see new dogs. Dad I'm almost 14 now, I'm not a little puppy anymore. You treat me like I can't do anything! Always telling me what to eat, telling me when to sit and when to wait. I hate him. I get no freedom. When I'm 18, I'm moving out!

God... and now he has me in a class with 5 others dogs. You know what we did? We did focusing exercises, walking, and stays. C'mon, I could do those in my sleep with or without dogs. And you know what the worst part of it is, no hot bitches! Again! Arffff. Despite this, I still behaved for Dad and made him look like an angel.

"Brix is doing so well and he's so calm." Those were Mrs. Glenny's exact words.

Sheesh. I make my Dad look so damn good.

Well it's late now but stay tuned for more updates. Ladies, I'm single and on the market. Smell you later.