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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Brother???

Mom and Dad really made my life miserable last week.  They ruined my life.  Last Tuesday they come home with this!  A 1.5 yr old Goldendoodle!  Rusty is his name

"Surprise Brix!!!!!", Mom and Dad shouted as they bust open the door and let Sir Shagalot in.
"What da arf!?!?  How dare they..."
"Oh my, look at Rusty's coat, it's hyper-allergenic," Mom commented
"Check this out, Rusty sit....oh he knows it!...." Dad cheered.

How dare they bring home another dog....and a male one too.  This is my house, you just can't bring home a dog without asking the boss first.  Dad brought Rusty outside again and Mom leashed me up to go meet himm.  This was going to be good.

We were allowed to greet after everyone had calmed down and after we did a little walking.  As I got close to Rusty to sniff his butt,  he jumped away and in a soft voice spoke.

"Please don't hurt me, I don't like big dogs that much."
"Why do you think I'm going to hurt you?"  I asked him.
"I know what dominant dogs smell like.  I smelt it from far.  Oh plus that lamp post told me you would challenge anyone who dare pee over your pee.."
"Well, looks like we can be friends after all.  Listen little buddy, as long as you follow my rules, you can hang with me."

And with that I let him enter my domain.  I could tell he was uncomfortable with me.  Maybe 'cause I'm twice his age?.  It's obvious from our photo together. We are sitting far apart from each other. 

"So Brix, what do you think of Rusty?", Dad asked.
 "Don't you remember I got bit in the ear by a goldendoodle?  Blood everywhere?  Murder scene?"
"Yeah, but that was a different dog, and not all goldendoodles are like that."
"What were you thinking Dad?  What is he doing here?  Are you going to ship me off to China? They eat dogs there!!!  You can't be that desperate for money!"
"No, no, no....we're dog sitting Rusty for 3 nights."
"What? Dog sitting?  You means he's not living here for good. You mean...he's not my brother from a different mother?  All right...I don't have to share anything with him."

Now that I was completely relieved and relaxed I headed to my bed.  Rusty slept in a playpen far away from where I was.  Good I thought, time to enjoy some sleep.  but not long after....

"HHHHMmmmffff, mmmmmmmfff....."

I woke up instantly....what was that?

*scratch scratch scratch.... bam!*

Next thing I know I see Rusty walking around huffing and puffing in the living room.  Dammit, can't you see I'm trying to sleep kid!  He escaped the pathetic playpen my Dad made a total of 6 times that night.  You have to give the kid credit, he's smart.  He was able to push the door open and crawl thru the small opening.  He's smarter than my Dad.  Rusty finally couldn't problem solve anymore that night and finally fell asleep and so did I.

The next day Rusty started to get into the habit of things here at the B-Stud household.  You have to sit on the mat to get your paws wiped...go to your bed before they serve you food.  They'll make you do some stupid tricks before you get to eat too.  No jumping up on the couch or going up the stairs.  He got most of it.  Dad also took the both of us to rollerblade but Rusty couldn't catch up to us even at slow speed.

"C'mon Rusty, let's go!"  Dad called.
"Rusty, this is such a walk in the park.  I'm not even breaking a sweat," I added.
"You guys are Nazi's.  Insane!  Why do you do this to yourselves?"  Rusty said as he gasped for air.

On the 3rd day....he rose again.....oops wrong story.  On the 3rd day Rusty and I went to the daycare.  This is us after daycare.  We were exhausted. 

And before I knew it, Rusty was gone...back to his rightful owner.  To tell you the truth, I kind of missed the little fella.  He was like a little brother to me.  I showed him the ropes around here, taught him to hold his head up high.  Maybe we'll see each other again.  I don't know.  In any case, he's always welcome back to the B-Stud residence.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camping at Silent Lake Ontario

Seriously, we need a bigger car...I can't take the long drives cramped like this.  And this time it took us 3 hours to get there!  My complaining fell on deaf ears.  Typical humans, they never listen to what we're saying. 

So the last trip of the summer and it rained...but that didn't ruin our fun.  Dad setup tarps to shelter us from the rain.  He even showed off his knots to Uncle Ron.  Mom and Aunt Ed kept saying they were nerds.  I don't know what that means.

This is our pack taking on the Lakeshore hiking trail.  We walked for 2 hours, uphill, downhill, around rocks and tree branches....Uncle Ron said it if we walked the whole trail, it would have taken us 6 hours!  Good thing I had my back pack 'cause I carried water for everyone.

Because our campsite was so big this time, I had to protect it with honor.  So much so, I kind of got into a fight with another pack.  It wasn't my fault I'm so strong....I tore the tie out right out of the dirt.  The other pack freaked out and then started to yell and curse at me, Mom and Dad.  The park ranger came by and told Dad to use a tree as a tie out instead because of the wet ground.   No blood no foul I hope.  My instincts got the better of me.  Mom and Dad were disappointed as they put me in my crate the rest of the night.

Here's me and Dad just relaxing on the dock the next day.  They were tired from kayaking in the morning and Uncle Ron and Ed went fishing.  Too bad Uncle Ron didn't catch any fish.  "Next time I'll come box them out of the water Uncle Ron..."  I tried to cheer him up.  All in all, we had a great trip and next year, we hope to have many more adventures out in Ontario.

P.S  It was my first time seeing a female deer.  I didn't know what to do so I stood frozen like a statue.  She was huge!  Not my type tho.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

At the Drive In

So now that Dad is better, he wanted to do something with the family.  So he took the family to the drive thru movies!  Yay! I get to go too and it's one of my favorites 'cause I get to see other dogs walking around, we meet new people and Dad and Mom always bring pizza to eat!  They never share with me though. 

Here's me and Mom waiting for the sun to go down.
Last time we came to the drive in we watched "Grown Ups".  Dad said it wasn't as good as he expected it would be, especially 'cause he likes Adam Sandler movies.  So yesterday we watched "Indespicable Me" and he was laughing almost every second of the way.  After the movie we continued to watch the second show, "Charlie St. Cloud."  I think 15 mins into the movie, Dad had already fell asleep but Mom stayed up and watched it all.  I fell asleep too and by the end, Mom was clapping and cheering.

That's me and Mom from yesterday.  Just another day, and another way to enjoy the time with Mom and Dad.  Thank goodness Dad is feeling better now 'cause next week, weez going camping again!  Can't wait!  I better not get kennel cough again.