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Friday, August 21, 2009

Our basement flooded by Toronto Tornado

Yesterday Mom and Dad told me a tornado was coming to Toronto. Even though we live in Markham, we are very close to Toronto.

"Cool!!!! Can I play with the tornado Dad?"
"Hell no Brix, you will die."
"Is a tornado like another word for dog?"
"It's another word for hide or run as far away from it as you can."
"Then how come we aren't running?"
""Don't try to out smart me boy."

Dad confuses me sometimes. That's an image of what it was like yesterday outside our house. Nothing scary really, just a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. I wasn't even scared like most dogs are. Tornados don't usually hit Toronto or Markham that often so it surprised Mom and Dad. It lasted for about an hour. Me and Dad went down to the basement to check out any damage.

"Damn, we got a leak down here," Dad cursed. I went to check it out.
"Hey Dad, check behind the dryer."
"Crap, look at the pool of water! Great!"

I learned that's what humans call sarcasm. Then Mom came down to have a look.

"Oh no! What the heck. How did the water get in?"
"I don't know ask Mattamy. Jeez, they better do something about this."

We went back up and just relaxed for the rest of night. In the morning we watched the news and saw many of the houses in Vaughn, near the mall, got destroyed. The highway 400 took some damage too. 1 boy was killed by the Tornado as he was camping on a conservation area.

I guess Dad was right, tornados kill. Now that I think back, we were lucky. Imagine we lost our house? Where would we live? What would we do? I guess I could live in my crate. I'd be happy with that but Mom and Dad wouldn't be able to fit inside with me. But that's ok, they'd get their own crate to live in and we'd all be happy again. We don't need a big fancy house!


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