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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Freaky Cat

Mom and Dad decided to start Halloween a little early .... so they tried to scare the pancreatitis out of me by bringing home...this poor thing... Freaky Cat.

"Ohh...let's see how Brix will react to Freaky Cat!"
"I bet he's gonna go nuts!"
"Yeah yeah.....wait....don't let him see it yet...."

I think Mom and Dad think I'm stooopid or something.    B-Stud don't get scared of nobody!  When I saw Freaky Cat, I admit, I sniffed a little...just to make sure it wasn't alive.  I even touched Freaky Cat's paw to checks for a pulse.  Nope....it dead all right...and in my way of eating and drinking.

Move aside Freaky Cat, the only one that will be scaring the kids is me!  When that doorbell rings, I am going to scare all the kids away.  Yes...yes....that'll be my plan....see you on Halloween.


1 comment:

  1. That's one freaky looking cat!!! Glad it's not alive!