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Friday, October 15, 2010

Pancreatitis - A Bad Day

"Don't feed Brix that....he's got a sensitive stomach"
"We only feed him a grainless diet......"
"He can't have those treats because he might vomit...."

The 5 days

Mom and Dad have been really careful of what I eat.  People say I'm really built and got no fat at all.  But for some reason, I got sick....starting 5 days ago.....when all of a sudden I just vomitted probably all my food on the porch where Dad took me.  Dad said it was probably the most food he's seen me vomit.  I vomitted 3 times in less than an hour.

"Great....what did you pick up this time Brix?"  Dad questioned.
"Is he ok?" Uncle Ron asked.
"Don't know yet.  We'll have to fast him again for a day and see if it continues."

The next day, Dad starved me.  I sat pretty in my area, waiting for food, but Dad didn't even make a move for the dog food in the kitchen.  This sucks, I thought.  I feel fine, give me food you human!  The next day Dad feed me a little.  My stomach started to make gurggling sounds.  Hmmm...must be nothing I thought.
The rest of the day I rested.

The next morning, I didn't feel so good, and had to go outside to eat grass.  The stomach gurggles came back.  I fasted for another day.

"Hmmm....something isn't right.  You ok Brix?"
"I'm fine Dad...see....look at me play....and move here....and dart over there....I'm ok."

But alas, I vomitted more food the next day and that's when Dad knew, it was more serious than before.

The Vet

"He sure looks fine, he's young, no bloating, probably just ate something bad...No fever, gums look good, eyes look good....but we need to do blood tests.  And take some antibiotics just in case.....oh and eat this bland diet I'm going to give you."

That night Dad received a message from the Doc.

"Interesting results from the blood test, Brix has a little bit of pancreatitis.  Call me in the morning."

What now?

So I got pancreatitus...what's the big deal?  Dad says, I could die from it....c'mon!  I'm young and invinceable.  Dad says, I'm not....and it might be chronic....and that I'll need to change my diet.... again.
I just turned 3!  I can't have pancreatitus....I'm not even fat!

But Dad says sometimes, it just happens with no reason and the pancreas could eat itself. I will now have to eat a low fat diet.  We were on a 14-16% fat diet which I thought was moderate....but doc says we have to go down to 8-10%.  Dad even had me on prozymes before this. 

Sometimes, even when you think you're doing everything right, bad things occur.  I know Mom and Dad are sad, 'cause I have this condidtion now and the diet is for life...but I will cheer them up....so I eat a low fat diet....I know I won't get fat...hopefully that means I'll live longer.  We'll just see how it goes from now on.  If you guys have any advice, I'd like to hear from you.



  1. OoH Brix,

    Dis is not happy news but I know your mom and dad will takes real good care of you. Mom and me hopes that you is feeling better soon. :(

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Oh, no Brix! My Uncle Harley had the pancreatitis 3 times... he spent 1 Christmas at his vet's HOUSE because he had to be watched 24/7 and had IVs and stuff... he can't eat anything other than his special (expensive!) dog food and carrots! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Howdy, Brix! Sorry to hear about the pancreatitis. I had a bad case of it, too. My humans call it the "$1,200 ham incident" because that's what triggered it.

    Bella the Boxer

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