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Saturday, August 7, 2010

At the Drive In

So now that Dad is better, he wanted to do something with the family.  So he took the family to the drive thru movies!  Yay! I get to go too and it's one of my favorites 'cause I get to see other dogs walking around, we meet new people and Dad and Mom always bring pizza to eat!  They never share with me though. 

Here's me and Mom waiting for the sun to go down.
Last time we came to the drive in we watched "Grown Ups".  Dad said it wasn't as good as he expected it would be, especially 'cause he likes Adam Sandler movies.  So yesterday we watched "Indespicable Me" and he was laughing almost every second of the way.  After the movie we continued to watch the second show, "Charlie St. Cloud."  I think 15 mins into the movie, Dad had already fell asleep but Mom stayed up and watched it all.  I fell asleep too and by the end, Mom was clapping and cheering.

That's me and Mom from yesterday.  Just another day, and another way to enjoy the time with Mom and Dad.  Thank goodness Dad is feeling better now 'cause next week, weez going camping again!  Can't wait!  I better not get kennel cough again.


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  1. hey BStud! Cool name! Thanks for stopping by my bloggy to wish me a happy birthday!!!

    hugs and licks, Bruschi