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Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Award!

This is interesing, I'z gotz an award! Yay! Thanks to Lucy's Human, lovely Lucy graciously sent me this award.

The guidelines for accepting this award are :

1. Thank the person who gave it to you
2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers whom you have recently discovered,
and think are fantastic

7 things you don't know about me, the B-Stud.  My secrets are out!

1.  Ever since Mom and Dad adopted me, I've never had to cut my nails.  Good for Mom and Dad right.
2.  My teeth are bad.  =(.  Brushing my teeth is a 2 person process.  One to hold me down, the other does the brushing.
3   I get a hardon sometimes when I see Mom or Dad in the mornings.  Mom touched it once.  Dad freaked out.
4.  My farts smell like roses.  People hold their nose or start fanning the air.
5.  I get stressed in the elevator and long car rides especially when the car is packed with stuff.  I start hyper-ventilating
6.  I'm not scared of thunder or rain, but fireworks freak me out.
7.  I know exactly when we pass by my grandparnts house, uncle V's house, doggie daycare, Global Pet Food, and my original home.  I stand up in the backseat of the car and stick my head out the window.  Sometimes I whine when we whiz by those places.

10 bloggers I think are FANTASTIC.

1.  Maggie Mae - I like secretly likes her but she lives too far to starts a relationships...
2.  Lucky is Human - another beauty but I like to keep my options open.  She gets to do fun stuff all the time.
3.   Dogs in Canada Blog - they got good stuff and I subscribe to them to keep up with my canaine peeps.
4.  Patricia McConnel - she's a top dog trainer and I read to see how not to piss off Mom and Dad.
5.  Stanley Coren blog - another top dog trainer where I can see how to be the best behaved dog there is.
6. Jean's Blog - dog behaviourist Jean Donaldson. Dog Star Daily - ton of blogs from well respected people in the canine world. Great information from the grand daddy of dog training Ian Dunbar.

Cheers, B-Stud.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Brix,

    I likes you too! Thank you for the award. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae