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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pet Blessing

It's almost Christmas and there's lots of snow already!  I wonder what Mom and Dad are going to get me this year. 

During Christmas Mom and Dad usually go to Church.  Now I don't know what church is but all I know,  it's the building with a plus sign on it.  They call that Church.  Anyway, this Sunday I got to find out what Church was all about.

Dad drove us to the plus sign building and we walked through some big doors. As soon as I got in...I was on red alert.  I smell dogs here...

"OMG, (not that I believe in God) church is another word for doggie daycare! Where da dogs at?"

We walked into an area with lots of seats, Dad called them pews.  I saw Bear under one of them pews.

"Yo Bear, what are you doing here?"
"Did your Dad not tell you, we're getting blessed today."
"Blessed? I'm new at this Church thing.  Does that means we gets food?"
"No. We get to see the Reverend and he calls on some high powers to watch over us."
"Bear, has you been smoking those doggie biscuits again?  I told youz they not right."

After some singing it was time to see the Rev.

You know I don't remember a word he said to me while he petted my head.  I just remember wanting to sniff doggie butts and getting into the faces of my fellow doggie friends.  Dad didn't remember what Rev. said either 'cause he was too busy keeping me still.   But I got blessed at Church and I felt good.  Hopefully xmas and the new year will be a good one for me and family and to y'all as well.


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