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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Stupid Hat

"It's the most, wonderful time....of the year....."

BULL.....SH.....EIGHT!   See that stupid hat on my head?  Every year at around this time, Mom and Dad make me wear this stupid hat.  But I still look damn good with it on.

During this time of year, the humans call it Christmas. I know I get presents.  Mom and Dad have a stocking for me and ha......it's bigger than theirs!  I've been a good doggie this year, I should get what I want from Jolly St. Nick.

Hmmm....let me see what I want this year.  Oh here's my list.

1.  A girlfriend so I can just hang wit, you kno what I'm saying?
2.  Maybe another girlfriend or three?
3.  Better teeth.
4.  To be healthy.

See my list list isn't too greedy.  I'm a dog, I dno't need a big fancy house, cars, or anything material.  I know my Ninang Edilyn and my bestest buddy Ron got me a present, but Dad said not to open it until the 25th.  I know what it is anyway...it's a blanket....I can smell it, I'm a dog.

Anyway, I better get going now, lots of xmas cards to write to my doggie friends.  I wish all my doggie friends and viewers, a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!  I'll let you guys know what else I get on the 25th.  I hope it's a girlfriend....I know the ladies dig my hat!



  1. Dude, Brix... you look mighty studly in that hat!!! Ladies will be ALL over you!

  2. OoH Brix!

    I thinks you look very cute in your hat! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae