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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bad Brix

Just as soon as I wrote about being a good boy this year for Xmas....I got into some serious trouble...Mom and Dad got so mad!

Dec 23

Like usual, Dad leaves for work in the morning and leaves me at home with Mom.  Mom usually gets up an hour later after Dad leaves.  I always make sure Dad doesn't get attacked on his way to the car and then head back to bed.  This morning was a little different.

"There goes Dad again.  No one tried to ambush him.  I shall expect him at 6pm sharp tonight.  Time for bed until then.", but before I could make it to bed.

*sniff sniff*

"....hmmm...kitchen smells good today.  Oh, I wonder what this bag is here for.  Let me just give it a whiff ......oh my God!!!....i just hit the motherload!..."

There, in the bag, were boxes of shortcake cookies.  Mom had made these the night before and left them on the ground.  Blind bat Dad didn't see them either.  They seem to forget I have a Phd and that I'm much smarter than them.

"...well....well...I could sell these to my canine friends....make a 100% profit and revenues would go up the roof!!!!.....or I could just eat them...."

At that instant, I was reminded of a tune....."never get high on your own supply...."  I should have listened.

30 mins later, I had consumed parchment paper, paper boxes and 24 shortcake cookies, 4 of which had mini chocolate tolberones.  I did with ninja like skill.   Mmmm mmm mmm.  That was so good!  I wanted more!  No one is going to stop me, not even those people from the Intervention show could.

Then the rumbling of footsteps from upstairs.....Mom.

"Hmmm....what the heck is my cookie tin doing in the middle of the ocean here."
"What da @#$@%!  What did you do!  You are a very bad boy, I'm so mad at you.  What's wrong with you!"

With the yank of my collar I was led to the basement dungeon, a prisoner of the crime I had committed. Mom called Dad and explained what happened.  Dad came home during his lunch and gave me the biggest lecture. 

Luckily for me the chocolate wasn't enough to poison me, but for the next day and a half, my bum bum was like a waterfall ...you get the picture.

Dec 24

I guess Mom and Dad didn't take me to the party, nor did they take me to Gramps because I spent Xmas alone, in my kennel.  I didn't open any gifts, didn't sing any songs, didn't get a girlfriend for Xmas like I had asked Santa.  I wonder what Mom and Dad will do next....



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