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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Clipping your Dog's Nails

Guess who that is on the left. Can you recognize her? That's my "real" mom! Yup, she's my mom and her name is Sheba. Do I look like her?

Lately life has been good. My schedule was packed so I couldn't log on and write to my fans. Tuesday was class and I aced it. Ms. Glenny took out some agility equipment to try out. I jumped thru the tire and went thru the tunnel no problem. Told you this class was easy dad. Too bad my buddy Tungsten wasn't in class. His mom has a cold, that's what he told me when I called him up.

Today Dad tried clipping my nails. My sister Shy hates it. She cries like a puppy. Grandpa and Grandma have to hold her down. Me? A walk in the park until today. "Hold still Brix, you don't want me to cut the nerve now do you?", Dad said. "I trust you Dad, so I won't move." Everything was fine on the front paws, although Dad seemed like he didn't know what he was doing. He was taking long and I was losing patience. I use to get clipped by the professionals but Dad got cheap. Then Dad started the back paws and YELP! "You m#$f@^er!!!" Excuse my canine language but ouuuuch! "Dad, don't you know the back paws don't grow as fast as the front paws! You don't have to cut as much you know...owwww!" I have white nails too but Dad is blind like a bat. Luckily I wasn't bleeding. He just grazed the quick or nerve as they call it. I wasn't going to let him cut the rest of the nails. I jumped off the chair I was sitting on and everytime after he tried putting me back. What will the bitches think of me now? My nails are uneven...uh!!!

I wasn't too mad because Dad bought me new food. He says I should try a new brand of food so we're going from Orijen to Royal Canin 26, just made for boxers. Dad says I need to transistion into the new food so he's only giving me a little of the new stuff mixed in with the regular stuff. Wait until my sister sees the new food. She's going to freak, the pieces are so big they probably won't even fit into her mouth. Wait, she's not getting any of my food 'cause I'm not sharing.

Tomorrow I think my schedule is booked too. Sorry ladies, gotta call me up earlier if you wanna hang out with the B-stud. Oh, that's right, I gotta call up miss mini poodle Savahnna. I think she has a crush on me. Dad thinks I like her because of her fancy coach collar and leash. Whatever, she's hot.

Catch y'all later.

The Brix man.

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