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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog gets cold feet

B-stud here again and yes, dogs get cold feet. Physically, our paws get cold. Today was the coldest day so far and you know what Dad made me do today? He made me go jogging! It was snowing today. I gave him the look, "You must be kidding me Dad." but he wasn't joking. Luckily Mom, the fashion guru she is, got me this nice jacket to keep me warm. There it is in the picture. Everyone was looking at me as I strutted and posed for my fans at school. Damn, where's Savannah, I miss her. She hasn't returned my calls lately. What up with that?

At school I saw my pack members. "Wow Brix, nice jacket!", Tungsten's mom commented. "Tungsten has a double coat so he doesn't need a jacket." Molly's mom also liked my jacket, "Looking handsome Brix with your new jacket." Even Ms. Glenny said I had style. The B-Stud gotta dress to impress you know? Now if only I could get some boots because my paws were getting cold.

Class today was different. First of all there was this new bulldog in class. He took me by surprise and I didn't like him. I don't think I like bulldogs, not to be racist or anything. I was growling and charging towards him but Dad held me back. Ms. Glenny had enough of my bad behaviour and had to tell me to settle down. I struggled with her but finally gave up. I calmed down after. Dad didn't say a word to me, 'cause he knew I deserved it.

The rest of the class went fine. This time I conquered the teeter. I went up it, and down with little problem. Ben, again showed us how it's done. Next class will be our last class and our graduation. I hope I pass. I'vebeen improving, I think. Tomorrow will be a stressful day. I will be going back into class with my Dad. This time we are going to meet new dogs and shepherd mixes. You know me, the B-stud has to protect Dad from them. I would give my life for him....and mom too.

Anyway, Savannah, if you're reading, call me. I miss you. I thought we had something going.
In case you missed it. Here's a video of me and Ben just having a good time.



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