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Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's not the dog, it's the owner.

That's what I'm talking about. It's not the dog that is wrong, it's the owner. I try to keep telling my Dad I'm doing what he wants but he gives me this weird look like I'm stupid or something. Now we have it on film.

This week Dad had me working on some basic stuff like waits, swings, arounds, and formal front sits. Just look at the video and look how Dad gets it wrong. Shall we break it down Dad? Oh and by the way Mom and Dad, I know you think you're smarter than me, the B-Man, but you're oh so wrong.

Let's break down the video. Let the B-stud school you.

Error 1:
Dad tries to get me to do a formal front sit. In Rally Obedience this the "Call Front". He does it correct until the part where he gives me my treat, and that treat isn't even tasty Dad. Get me better treats! You see how my so called dog trainer Dad inched up to my nose and gave me the pathetic treat. He basically rewarded me for being a foot away from where I needed to be. Shame on you Dad.

Error 2:
Oh it gets better. Next Dad tries getting me to do a left finish. I swing to his left, following Dad's hand. I follow his hand until I sit. Guess what Dad, my butt is way out there! It should be in parallel with your butt. My body should also be inline with yours. Ms. Glenny should give you a slap on the hand or head.

Error 3:
I'm not waiting for nobody. Dad goes way too far so I follow him. Good thing he didn't punish me for coming to him, or else next time I'm not coming near you Dad.

So if y'all dogs get down and depressed 'cause you're being punished for not doing the right thing...I would blame it on your parents. It's not us the dog, it's gotta be the owner. It has to be 'cause we're just too damn cute to make mistakes, right Mom and Dad?

The B-Stud.

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