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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anti-social dog speaks

I can't believe I'm even writing on this but this week I was a little upset. My brother Brix was over again. He scares me. He invades my territory and took my favorite toy. He's all up in my face and acting stupid, jumping up and down like a deer. He's like 3 times bigger than I am. I'm trying to relax in my own house He also stayed overnight and I had to share the same area where he slept.

I was having a great dream. I was warm under my blue blanket, in my comfy bed, when all of a sudden I hear sniffing noises. Then the noise got closer to my bed until I could feel something moving around the sides of my bed. I stiffened up. This didn't seem like dad or any of the family members. My heart began to beat faster. The next thing I felt was something on my back. It was my idiot brother Brix putting his fat ass paw on me. I growled under my covers because he wanted my bed. "There is in no way you are getting my bed little brother". I gave him another growl and he got the idea and left. I can be brave, and no one is going to take my bed. The whole night I slept in my bed, in the corner of the room. I feel safe in my bed. It's my special resting place.

The next morning, while Brix was not looking, I claimed his bed area by sleeping on it. Now I had two areas to sleep in. I don't want to be mean but I have nothing to say to the guy. I tried stealing his food too but Dad and Mom saw me and stopped it from happening. "Brix takes my water mom!" Sometimes I think he gets away with everything. He goes upstairs and they let him off easy. They always yell at me even when I'm sleeping on the first step.

Anyway, I just want to be comfortable in my own home again. As long as he's not around I'm happy and I can be me. If he comes near me again, or puts a paw on me, I will show him teeth!

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