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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dunce of the Dog Class

Today is probably the first time my confidence got crushed. Dunce of the the dog class may be harsh, since I wasn't misbehaving. I just got smoked by my friends in class today. Like I said yesterday, I didn't study 'cause I partied over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I thought I was doing well until we got a surprise test today. Ms. Glenny separated Tungsten (Canaan dog) and Ben (Poodle mix) away from me. "Damn, now I can't cheat off Tungsten," I thought to myself.

The first test, the on leash walk, with distractions in the middle. We were to walk in a circle with our parents, and in the middle of us, was a pool of toys. "Oh boy toys! I never get toys from Dad." I really tried fighting my urge but the milk bone smelled so good, it was to die for. Like chocolate is to my uncle Ron, and chips to my Dad, I couldn't resist the milk bone. As we walked by it, I sneaked behind Dad and did a right hook. My right hook sent the bone sliding right into my mouth. Mmm mmm. Ms. Glenny thought it was funny. I don't think Dad felt the same even though he was laughing. I was the only one to be tempted by the apple so to speak.

Test two, was the recall. Again with distractions. Oh, the milk bone was there again. We were to wait and run back to our parents across the room when called. The toys were in the middle again. Tungsten had trouble but within 2 seconds he corrected his minor error. Ben ran to his mom with such speed and focus that I don't think he even saw the toys. ""Damn Ben. Why you want to make me look bad. You know I didn't study." Then it was my turn. The bar was set high. There was Dad at the other end. "Brix come!" I took off like Usane Bolt but headed for the milk bone like I had A.D.D. No one was impressed. No one cheered and clapped. I failed. We did it again and this time I got it right but I hung my head, 'cause I knew Dad and I worked hard at the recall and I failed him.

Test three, I was going to make it up to Dad and myself. I couldn't be outdone by Tungsten and Ben. I don't want to be the weakest from our pack. You know what they do to the weakest or the omega? I don't want to know. Test three was going to different stations with flash cards. Each card had points and a task to do. I was so proud of my 10 points! I was sure nobody was even close. "Tungsten wins with 32!". Ms. Glenny praised. "Ben comes close with 28!" Ben got 28? Like c'mon guys. Give me a chance. You're making the B-stud look bad, cramping my style.

Test four, I was ready to give up. I saw the teeter come out. I had never done this before but I'm sure none of the others had done it either. I'm a confident dog, athletic, well built, I should be able to show these guys on this one. Tungsen and Ben, I know you guys have brains, but I got the braun, watch and learn. Tungsten went up the teeter first. He did all right. Stalled in the middle. I had him on this one. My turn now. I get up on the teeter. All right let's go. Focus now Brix. I can do this. I take my first steps. Okay this feels weird, how come I feel like I'm going to fall? I'm getting higher as I walk? Whoa, ok look straight ahead. Oh man, where am I? I feel dizzy. Just a couple more steps. Oh, feeling dizzy, gotta...gotta jump off! Ok, I made it to the top and jumped off. It's all good. Took me about 2 minutes but I did it. Ben was next and before I returned to my spot, he had gone up to the top and the cheers began. Growl, how did he do it so fast and without fear? Willy the 100 lb English Bulldog was next. Ok this guy is going to have trouble 'cause he weighs a ton. "Way to go Willy! I think you're the only English bulldog to make it up to the top without any problems!" Ms. Glenny cheered. We all had second tries and I just shutdown because I didn't want to go up the teeter anymore.

Dad tried cheering me up in the car. I was sad and tired. I couldn't believe everyone was so awesome except me. I must be the dunce of my pack. I can hear them mocking me, "look it's the dunce of the dog class. You're nothing but a clown." Tungsten and Ben ddin't even talk to me after class. Dad says he's still proud of me. He says we have come a long way. He says I'm still young and not mature yet. It's good to hear you haven't given up on me. Tomorrow is another test when I meet all new dogs and they are all bullies.

B-stud, the clown.

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