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Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving from a Stud

Woof! B-Stud again and happy Thanksgiving to all. This week was exciting. Did you book with B-Stud? 'Cause if you didn't it's ok, there's enough of me to go around. I'm so damn funny!

On Friday I got to see my Mom again. I swear Mom and Dad are separated and Dad took custody over me. But Dad tells me Mom is out studying somewhere so I don't get to see her. Little does Dad know, I'm a spy for Mom. Mom has given me strict instructions to see if Dad is being on his best behaviour. So far he's been a goodie goodie. Nothing to report there.

So I had this date on Saturday with another boxer! She's white too! How many white boxers am I gonna get to be with in my lifetime? She was older too and she could have taught me a couple of new tricks if you know what I mean. Arrrf, arrff, arffff! But I got shutdown by my parents. How embarrassing. They said I would cause too much drama and how I don't play nice. I play nice, if you want me to. I was going to show her a good time too. Instead I spent the night with my sister. All she did was sleep. I wanted to talk her about my other girl Savannah but she crawled under her blanket. Thanks sis.

At least today I made my 12:00 o'clock appearance and mingled with some folks. I was kind of embarrassed when I farted at the party once. I laughed it off but then I saw people covering their noses. Damn it, Dad, you said you'd take me to the vet to check this out. This is ruining my reputation. I'm the B-Stud. I can't be having gas problems with my social status. I hear plain yogurt does the trick so you better get me some Dad.

The last eventful thing we did was drop off Mom at the bus station. I'm gonna miss you Mom. I have a special kidney bean wiggle saved for you next time. Only you get to see my special wiggle. What's on the agenda for tomorrow. Let me check my iphone. Oh ya, I have class and I didn't study this weekend. I was too busy partying. Oh well. Life goes on. Dad will look bad, not me. Life is good as a dog. I sure wouldn't want to be human, would you?

B-Stud, call me.

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  1. Luv your point of view B-stud... and u are right about one thing... keep up the good work w/being a spy for mom... take care of your pops for me... miss u and ur pops ALOT! Be a good boy in class for ur dad... he was always a STAR in school... so u have to do the same for him. - Your mom (Ne :P )