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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boxers Love Hiking Trails

To the B-Stud fans out there, I apologize for not updating as often, but you know me, it's a busy life. No one ever complains about my sister not writing. Shy, you should write more often, maybe you can find a new friend along the way.

Anyway, the B-Stud had an exciting weekend. Dad drove me to see Mom in Sudbury. I can't exactly remember why they remain separated but I think it has to do with school. Ok, who cares about my parents it's all about me. I had a couple of business appointments with some clients this weekend. First, I met up with a guy named Dennis. I called him in to help Mom move her things into the new aparment. He loved me. He said his favorites were Boxers and how I was a pretty boy. Then I had to wake up my Mom's roomate, Chrissy, by barking and snooping into her room. She was responsible to babysit me when my parents were out moving stuff so I had to get her up. She tried to entertain me but you know it's hard to please the B-Stud. I think she has a crush on me. I also met up with another guy in the parking lot who had questions about my kind. He was so impressed at my brindle skin and it was the first time he had seen a brindle male. I gave him my kidney bean wiggle and put up my paws for him. He loved me too. He actually purchased a brindle male the day before. I'm glad my breed is touching the lives of other families.

After work I hit the hiking trails with my parents. Did I tell you Boxers love hiking trails? We went to Laurentian University to check out one of the trails there. It was really nice and there were so many smells. I hung out with at least 4 other doggies there. A shepard mix and his Shiz Tzu sister came to greet me.

"Hey you two, wanna play?" I asked.
"Who are you? Yo sis, you know who this Boxer is?"
"Naw never seen him. I don't talk to Boxers."

They were both off leash and professional mannered. I think they were like upper class but anyway, I got celebrity star power so I wasn't intimidated. I tried playing, but they were too stuck up to play, they went along their merry way.

Next I met a furry white canine. I couldn't tell her breed but she was older than me. Again I desperately tried to play, jumping, bouncing back and forth...but again, she didn't want to play.
"What, you don't want to play with the B-Stud? Your loss." And we walked on seperate ways.

Then in the night, while I was taking a dump outside, a big samoyed mix came walking towards me.

"Hey, watcha doing?"
"Yo man, turn around, can't you see I'm taking a dump."
"Oh sorry, it's dark out her and you know, my eyes aren't what they use to be. I'm eight now."
"Use your nose then, sheesh"

He stopped staring at me eventually, and we started to play a bit, but he was in his mid-life crisis and was looking for a girlfriend so he wasn't exactly in the mood to run around with a male. Besides, B-Stud don't swing that way. Which reminds me, where are you Savannah?

The rest of the time was spent with my parents who love me to death even when I woke them up a couple of times in the middle of the night. What? I thought I heard someone breaking in. It's my job to serve and protect. Today Dad started to pack up his stuff and I knew it was time to go home. As I got in the car to head back to Toronto, I saw my mom waving. I put my head on top of the backseats, arching to look back, and saw Mom get smaller and smaller.

"Guess Mom isn't coming with us again huh Dad?"
"Yeah, 2 more weeks and we will see her again."

I'll be waiting for you Mom.


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