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Friday, September 25, 2009

Piss Poo Problem

See the pic above, ya, that's definitely not me.  That's my sister Shy.  She came to visit us yesterday. She's a min pin and I hate to admit it, but she's got a better nose than I ever will have.  Pieces of food in shoes and under hard to find places like our shoe rack, she'll find it.  Shes good at that but I'll tell you one thing she's not good at, knowing where to pee.

Getting In Trouble

Now that Shy is 5, we don't get to see her much anymore.  She moved out, wanted her independence, and started living on her own.  So I got real excited when she visited us.  Dad and Mom were excited too until something real bad happened.

Mom and Dad had gone upstairs and I was on the carpet, bathing in the sun by the window.  I was minding my business when....*sniff, sniff*.  "Hmmm.  I smell something weird,"  I thought.  I turned my head back.  Nothing out of the ordinary, so I continued to sun bathe.  I sniffed again.  "Damn, something is not right."  I got up and turned around.  "Where's Shy?" and just as I wondered I heard my sister's faint voice.

"Brix, don't tell Dad ok?"
"Don't tell Dad what?  And why are you hiding under the table?  I can barely see or hear you."
"Shut up!  Don't talk so loud.  Just don't tell Mom or Dad." Shy said under her breath.

Then I noticed it right in front of me, 6 feet from my paws. 

"Ohhhhh ....holy dog crap!  You are soooo in trouble!" I laughed.
"Brix you better not tell or I'll tell Mom about your one night stands at the daycare."  I quickly stopped laughing.
"Fine, But you're in some deep dog doo doo now.  I'm just going to look innocent as usual." 

Just then, I heard Dad walking down the stairs.  Things got quiet and then Dad entered the room I was in.

"Brix where's......WHAT DA F@#$!!!", Dad screamed.  I froze but smirked at the same time.
"SHY!!!!!!!!"  Dad stompped into the kitchen to find my sister hiding under the table.  Shy jumped out, tail tucked between her ass and ran like the wind! 
"5 years old and you still don't know where to pee and poo!?!?  We put the paper down and you still pee on the CARPET!"  Dad was fuming. I enjoyed every minute of it.

As I watched Dad trying to catch Shy, I looked at the puddle of pee on the white carpet.  It shone bright yellow in the sunlight, soaking into the carpet. To my right was Shy's poo, hard as rock and nearly a black colour.  Dad finally caught Shy and put her in my kennel, all the time grumbling and mummbling.   I had never seen Dad so angry.

"Dad why didn't you just put Shy away before you went upstairs."  I asked.  "You know she has a pee poo problem.  She can only pee and poo at her house."
"Don't get smart with me boy. Do you want me to put you in the kennel too?  This doesn't involve you so just sit pretty." 

I just kept my muzzle shut and watched Dad clean up the accident.  All the while, I said to myself, "good thing it wasn't me, cause my pee would have been 4 times more and my poo, well it's a nice soft kind".



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  1. BRIX! is dog which is always shyee and it cares everybody in my home.so cute....