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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boxer Dog Camping with Chocolate Lab

I was pretty excited about long weekend.  Mom and Dad said camping would be relaxing and I'd meet new friends.  I'd never been camping before so I didn't know what to expect. All I remember was...

"C'mon you guys, it's 2pm already.  Let's go!"  Dad's face was full of frustration.
"Don't yell at me, I was ready since 1pm.  It's your brother who's not ready yet." Mom barked back defensively.
"Vince, you ready yet?"
"Yah man, cool your panties will you."  Uncle V snapped.

We drove to a place called Bass Lake Provincial Park.  Uncle V and Dad started setting up their tents.  Mom was setting up her laptop and I watched from my new cozy soft crate.

"You got to be f..ing kidding me.  My tent pole broke!"  Uncle V fumed.
"Jay, my computer won't start.  Come here.  It won't turn on." Mom tried pressing the button again.
"Can you NOT  see I'm busy putting up the tent," Dad yelled across the campsite.
"Why did you put the tent there.  Move it here where there's more room." Mom demanded.
"You told me here would be fine!" Dad fought back.

Gee, camp cranky was in the house that night.  I would say camping was almost as relaxing as the time I went to the VET for bloodwork.  As they fought I made myself useful by watching for any campsite intruders... barking to let them know who ran the streets of Bass Lake Provincial.  What I really wanted to see was if their were some fine female dogs you know what I mean?

The next day, I had two words, SAUSAGE fest.  Where did all the bitches go?  Are they too girlie for camping?  Didn't want to mess up their new do from the grooming spa?  Where were they?  It was worst than being in one of Dad's engineering classes.  All the dogs I met were males.  I only made one good friend, chocolate lab Hershey.

 "So where you from?" I asked.
"Brantford, home of the great, Wayne Gretzky.  How 'bout you?"
"Markham, home of the Chinese people?"

He was the best one from the bunch, never judged me, never growled at me.  I also met a whole bunch of others.  Sammy the yorkie, shih-tzu mix, he hated me and barked to let me know.  Then there was Jake, the black lab who I thought was a girl and got all excited only to sniff out sausage and things went back to normal.  Cash, the giant great dane.  I nearly wet my fur when I saw the size of this guy and I immediately sat without Dad telling me to.   I tried talking to him, but he didn't talk say much.  A friendly giant I guess.  There was one female, Zoe.  She was a hot doberman pinscher and my age too. I was so sure I would score until she said, "...you don't have a chance little boxer.  I got a stud already."  .

Just my luck again.

By the second day I wanted to go home already.  I missed home.  I wanted to be where "everybody knows...your name."  When we did get home.  I collapsed onto my bed and snored the whole night thru, dreaming of better things to come.


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