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Friday, September 4, 2009

Next Top Kid Dog Trainer

See those two cuties in the video?  It's just another regular occurence of two girls fighting over my attention.  They're always competing, this time for the next top kid dog trainer.  But I'm still heartbroken over Hannah.

Tungsten, my best friend Canaan dog, called me up yesterday after reading my story yesterday.

"Yo dawg, it's Tungsten.  Long time no talk.  I've been working on my thesis. Dogs that eat their own feces have a higher risk of getting cancer. (And bad breathe) Wanna hear about it?"
"No (depressed).  I'm not smart like you Israeli dogs."
"C'mon, cheer up.  Still thinking of Hannah?  I wouldn't touch that bitch with a 10ft pole."
"I would."
"Dawg... she hangs around with fools now in the daycare.  What you need is a fine Husky like my baby girl Kona."
"Kona?  How da heck did you wit her?"
"You're not the only stud around here you know."

Lucky Tungsten.  Long weekend is here and "...I need girl to ride ride ride..."  Hopefully I meet some when we go camping.  So we'll be offline for 3 days.  New posts and pics to come soon..


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