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Monday, September 21, 2009

Parrots meet Boxer Dog

Ok, by now everyone should know, I can't walk past another dog without being all up in their face.
"Hi! How's it going! I like your coat! Wanna play! My name is Brix! Can I HUMP you? Guess you didn't like that, GROOWWWLLL!"  What can I say?  You have to get past me, if you want to get to Mom and Dad.  Well today was interesting because I met a couple of friends but didn't get all up in their grill..


Mom and Dad almost always take me to do their errands.  Today was no different except we ended up at PJ's Pets.  I made a dash towards the door.

"Look at this guy.  He knows where we're going even though it's only our 2nd time here,"  Dad said to Mom..
"It's my 3rd time now Dad and I can smell the dog treats from here."  I replied.

I strutted my stuff when I made my entrance into the building.  I sniffed around and said hi to the ladies at the front.  They swooned.  I'm a celebrity when I walk into the place you know?

"He's so handsome," one of the ladies said and came to rub my chest.
"He's okay." Dad replied.

Ok!?!? Can you be less enthusiastic about me Dad?  We continued to the back.


There they were, all three of them.  Senegal Parrot, White Chested Amazon Parrot and Monk Parrot.  All were sitting or hanging upside down in their own cage.  I have never seen a parrot before.  They all were green in colour, moved in  such strange, jerking ways.  Their claws were tiny but sharp enough to break flesh.  They moved very fast and with great agility  I approached with caution.  Monk Parrot seemed very still so I greeted him first.

"Psssst!  Monk Parot.  Anybody home?" No response.  I got closer to his cage.
"Yo!  Mr. Monk Parrot.  Can you hear me?  I won't eat you, I promise."  Again no response.

He must have been in deep meditation.   So I went to visit Amazon Parrot.

"Amazon Parrot.  Are you really from the Amazon?" I asked.
"No kid, I'm from Amazon the website.  What do you think.  Of course I'm from the Amazon. Now scram!."

Guess no one gave him his crackers for breakfast.  I moved to see what Senegal Parrot was doing.  Before I even got close to him, he swooped down to greet me.

"Hey Boxer guy.  You have to help me"  I looked but said nothing. He continued to talk.
"Boxer guy.  Get me out of here.  Free me from my misery.  Just turn that latch there for me.  No ones has to know."

I got closer to him, until my muzzle was against his cage.  He climbed down, head first and then turned himself around.  He spoke again.

"Are you going to help me or not?"  I didn't not know what to say.  I just stood there like a statue, sniffing his cage.
"You're all the same.  Come watch me do my tricks, make kissy noises at me, poke your fingers thru the cage and then leave."  Senegal Parrot started to get grumpy.  He came even closer to me, his beak nearing my muzzle.  I started to jump up and down and into my play bow mode. 
Senegal parrot watched and then suddenly bonked my nose with his razor sharp beak..

"Owwww!  What was that for!"  I yelled at him.
" That's for being an idiot in the store.  Have a nice day."

Senegal Parrot 1, Brix 0.  Next time Senegal Parrot, next time....watch your tail, 'cause you never know who's watching.



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