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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boxer Dog Adopted

So my goal of becoming a licensed dog trainer is moving forward. It was kind of strange assisting in classes when I didn't even own a dog or have much experience wih them. Now we have Brix, an American Boxer and he's a lot of dog.

The Chinese people walking on my street seem to be afraid of Brix as I see them check their shoulder and cross the road to the other side of the sidewalk. I have also managed to scare a couple kids by just walking with Brix. The Chinese people get scared, the white people absolutely love him.

Adopting a boxer dog is overwhelming if you're not prepared. Actually having a dog can be overwhelming, even for myself. Things you need to think about for first time owners:

1. Vaccinations: Does your dog have all the necessary vaccines? What vet are you going to take him to?

2. Hygene: Does your dog have dental toothpaste, toys to clean his breathe and reduce plaque? How about grooming items like nails clippers and brushes?

3. Food: How much food to give your dog and what kind. We are feeding Brix ORIJEN and I would recommend it. There is no grain which dogs cannot digest. What's the feeding schedule going to be like?

4. Potty time: Are you going to wake up and take Fido out to pee and poop in the same area all the time?

I guess I could go on but those are a few I came across this week.

My biggest task, having adopted a boxer, is getting him to re-learn or undo bad habits or building trust with his new owner. There's only one area that needs major work, and it's leash pulling. He is a 55lb boxer pulling to see the skateboarder, another dog, another person, or a cyclist. We will continue to work on nice leash walking and will update you folks soon. My muscles got a lot bigger after today.

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  1. So funny you mention chinese people being afraid of Brix. I get the same reaction when I walk Aito (she is 5 pounds lighter than Brix). They even ask me "Are you sure it's not a pitbull?" and I reply "Yes I'm sure. This is an english bulldog" and they look at me all doubtful and cross the street hanging on tightly to their kids. Hahahha.... I would know what breed of dog I have!!! But the non-chinese people adore Aito. A quick trip to PetSmart lasts about one hour because everyone wants to talk to us and play with her!

    Let me know what kind of bad habits you are trying to undo because I'm sure I will need to undo alot as well! :) I also thought about becoming a licensed dog trainer too but then I got pregnant and ran out of time. Now, I'm just a diaper cleaner. HAHAHA

    And I would really like to know how to get Aito to stop zigzagging all over the place when I walk her. She never mastered it during puppy class and now she's 2 and still can't walk beside me without making me fly all over the place! My goal is to be able to push Hannah in the stroller and have Aito on leash walking beside us.