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Specs Dogs is a collection of boxer dog stories told from the eyes of Brix, the boxer dog. He is also known as the B-Stud. From these boxer stories, we learn of the joys and pains of puppy-hood to adult life. Along the way, boxer dog and owner learn to strengthen their human to canine bond thru training, playing and just being plain silly. Enjoy!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boxer dog, coming home.

So we got some news and Specs Dogs will soon be getting hectic.  A boxer dog will be entering our lives soon!  For a long time now we have been looking for a boxer dog.  We just love the boxer personality, it's short coat, it's medium size and it's energy.  We were in talks with some boxer breeders but the timing of the litters conflicted with our schedules.  

With a stroke of luck, we were asked to adopt or rehome a boxer dog.  We have had many chances to adopt dogs but there was always something that never matched.  Usually, it was a breed we were not interested in.  The boxer we adopted is not just any boxer.  It is the boxer dog we had all fallen in love with when he first started doggie daycare.   I had seen this puppy grow from 12 weeks into a 1 year old.  Credit his owner, she has done an excellent job in raising this boxer. His lovable, goofy, and handsome nature draws attention to everyone in the room. For personal reasons, his owner has decided rehoming is the best situation for him.  We respect her decision and wish her the best of luck.

More updates to come.  

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  1. Good blog my husband... and is it everything u thought it would be? Happiness is dog... and in our case an 11 month old, American Boxer named Brix :)