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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First day of school for a boxer

Yo, my name is Brix, I'm a brindle Boxer and frig, today was the first day of school. First day of school for a boxer? Boxers don't go to school, only losers go to school. Owners making us dogs sit, lie down and wait. Please, I'm going to go when I need to go, where I want to go.

My master, what's his face, Jason?, ya, he thinks he's so alpha. I ain't scared of him one bit. He tried putting me in the car today...ha... I just put my two front paws up and let him do the rest. What a sucka.

At school I met up with my bud, Tungsten. He's a Canaan dog, about the same age as me. He's cool, he's a real smart one. I'm smart too but I don't need to show it to anyone. There were so many new dogs to meet! No girls though, that sucked. Damn there was this big guy Willy. I think he was a Staffordshire Mix. I tried talking to him but he came off as a tough guy. I tried showing him who was boss but dad always got in the way or was pulling my leash. C'mon dad, I can't be bullied by this guy. Then there was Ben, oh man, he's gotta join our crew. He was a shipoo mix I think. I don't know but he would be a good pack member. I have to check in with Tungsten on that one.

Class was stressful. Dad made me do downs and sits by his side. I did the downs for him. He made me nervous with the sits, I just couldn't do it 'cause he was really hovering over me. Then we did waits, and I showed everyone in class I wasn't as dumb as they thought. By the end of class I was getting real bored so I blew a fart to wake everyone up. Even the teacher said someone is dying to go home now. Yup, hey I didn't care, I'd do anything to get back to my comfy bed.

Man, school just ain't for me. I'm too smart for school and I'll show you when I want to. I don't want to disappoint dad and mom but I know dad is kind of disappointed in me. He knows I have the potential but I don't show it. I look at my sister, Shy, and she does everything she's told. My dad expects me to be like that? I don't think so.


  1. Nice blog "Brix"... lol. Very comical too!

    OMG babes... he blew a huge fart @ the end of class... lol... thats my pretty boy... lol! Aww... don't be too hard on him babe... he is just excited and u still have to keep working on that bond w/him... so be patient (and i know u are). I believe in both of u... and u will be great w/him babes! Luv u lots!

  2. Hahaha.. nice post, Brix! I love the part about blowing a fart to wake everyone up.

    When I meet you, maybe we can have a farting competition! I'll ask my sister Hannah to join too. Her farts are loud but they don't stink like mine.

    -Aito (I logged onto my mom's laptop while she wasn't looking. Don't tell her, ok?)