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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boxer Leash Pulling

Right now I'm not sure what is worse, a dog that barks at every strange person and animal, or a dog that pulls you towards them with such force, your hand could go numb. Actually they are probably equal. In both cases, other people view you and your dog as out of control and possibly aggressive. In my case, Brix is a boxer leash pulling maniac!

Since Brix is an 11 month old boxer, his focus and attention span is very short. This is important to keep in mind. The younger the dog, the less ability for the dog to focus so your training sessions should be kept short. There are three basic stages to get your dog to walk nicely.

1. You need to teach your dog to walk nicely off-leash.

2. Basic commands like sits and stays need to be polished for control and attention.

3. Your dog then needs to heel off-leash and on-leash.

This is the ground work required to have more enjoyable walks and curb the boxer leash pulling syndrome. More detail to come on the above topics.

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