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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Impressive Boxer

Maybe school isn't that bad. After all I am an impressive boxer. People just love me. Me and my buddy Tungsten (Canaan dog) met up at the school. We chatted a bit about how we were the top students and how we own this class. Then we entered the classroom single file.

I didn't see my bud Ben. He probably skipped class. Dad doesn't let me skip, he was the nerdy type back in school. I saw Willy the 106 pound bull dog mix. I don't like him, I gave him the side approach with my head above his. Then I put a paw on his back and that ticked him right off. The teacher put me in the corner. Ms. Glenny wasn't impressed. Dad wasn't either. Then this German Shepherd came to visit. Ms. Glenny game me another chance to behave but I was so mad the first time, I just got in the grill of the German Shepherd. I think she was scared. Then I really got put in the corner. What can I say? I need to protect the others and the class. I'm not a bully, I just stick up for the weaker ones.

Today we worked on downs, focus, stays and walking on leash. I did them no sweat. Dad was the one who actually got his technique wrong. Teacher had to set him straight...and he thought he knew it all. The last thing we worked on was walking and focusing. Ms. Glenny was proud of me and said I had been working hard. Tungsten stole the show. He's the smart one of the crew, I just watch his back to make sure no one messes with him.

I guess school isn't that bad. I know this time Dad was proud of me. I could hear it in his voice. This weekend Mom will be visiting me. Dad says she's away studying and we shouldn't bother her. I miss my mom though. I have more fun with Mom than Dad. Dad is a bit of a training Nazi. I will see you soon Mom, my tail will be wagging, and my butt will wiggling like how all boxer butts wiggle!

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