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Sunday, September 21, 2008

In my next life I want to be a dog

It's the Brix man again logging on to tell the folks how exciting my life has been. See me on the left there, ya that's me lying down on the cool grass in the shade. I'm a celebrity wherever I go.

Today dad took me to Mississauga to do some work. What da hell is he doing work for on Saturday? I want to play. His office is so boring. There's nothing for me to do. He tried putting a cardboard down so I could like down on instead of the carpet, like I was going to lie on that thing. His boss Frank was interesting, at least he played with me. Did you hear me dad? At least he played with me. I just slept in the office most of the time.

Then surprisingly I ended up in this big park. I think it was called Milne park and there were lots of people for me to sniff and lick. I think dad knew these people 'cause I saw him hugging them. There was food everywhere, on the grass, under the tables, and near the garbage cans. I just had to chew and eat 'em. I particularly like the white tissues but dad always caught me eating them. If there was a human celebrity that could describe me, it would be Brad Pitt, I'm just that damn good looking. Do you know how many girls came up to me kissing me, hugging me, petting me, and taking pictures of me? Dad should be happy 'cause the girls also talked to him....but mom if you're reading, dad was a good boy. Those girls were looking at me. Everyone said I was a good dog, they love my brindle skin.

Dad took me to see my sister (Shy) after. I'm not sure why we live in different houses but that's the way it is. I was so happy to see her! I was bouncing up and down but she ignored me like she usually does. She's so antisocial and so opposite from me. I don't understand her sometimes. She was acting all weird today. Must be that time of season. She hide under the tables most of the time I was around. I think it's because her bed was in the wash and she had nowhere to sleep. She's so spoiled! I sleep anywhere on the floor but she needs her "special" blanket and bed. I still love her tho.

Now I need to sleep because it's hard being a celebrity. I wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow. I hope it's not training!

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