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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy B-day Mom and Dad

Last weekend Mom surprised Dad by coming home for his b-day. See I knew all along, I just didn't tell Dad. I didn't really get anything for Dad tho for his 30th except for my pile of poo in the morning. Thanks Dad for taking care of it.

This weekend is Mom's 30th. I wonder what I should get Mom? Mom has been busy lately. I hardly get to see her but she's visiting this weekend. Mom thinks she doesn't have a bond with me but I do. Mom just can't see it. I Dad also is busy. He changed his work hours and now we don't get to go to the daycare. I don't even get to see Hannah anymore. I just stay home with Shy. She doesn't even play with me. She just sleeps all day.

So to keep me stimulated, Dad has been trying to teach me to ring a bell when I need o pee and poo. I see my sister Shy do it all he time, but I don't know if it's me. So far I like touching the bell and the door opens, but it's just not my style. I'd rather look you in the eyes and give you a sad face. Dad also has been playing the piano more and trying to get me to sing. That also is not my style, I'd rather growl or bark. I think Dad said he's playing for the church so he's got less time with me.

Anyway, as my parents get 1 yr older, I too am becoming an adult. I hope my body fills out. I hope I gain weight. So far I think I'm ok. I am a smaller boxer but everyone love me. Everyone knows I'm so handsome.


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