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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hard Poo

I never thought the day Dad would be happy to see hard poops. Dad was saying how hard poo was a good sign that I didn't have anything wrong with me.

"Brix, your poo is hard. Yes!"
"Does it smell good too Dad?"
"Damn it Brix, I got some on my finger. @#$@#$"
"At least it's hard right!?!?"
"Don't be a smart dog now. Go on inside."

My poo was soft before. It had always been. I ate a grain less diet with high protein I would constantly embarrass Mom's friends because of my farts. Now Dad put me on a different diet with some wheat and rice. Almost no farts! Isn't that amazing? Han aah would love me even more now. Hope I see her today.

So Dad says because my poo is hard, it means my body is actually working. If it was still loose even on this wheat and rice diet, then Dad would have worried a lot more. The only thing now, I have to gain weight. Mom says she wishes she had my problem. I don't really understand. Why would Mom want to have my weight problem? She looks good the way she is. Like I have been saying all along, I feel good, I look good so I think I'm good.

Thanks for the support Fluffy. I should come visit you. Fluffy is my family friend. We haven't met 'cause she lives far but one day we will. I hope I don't scare her 'cause I'm much bigger than she is. Fluffy, if you're in High Park area, stay away from light posts. I heard 2 dogs got electrocuted there. Why does High Park have a bad rep for dogs. It's like the ghettos or the projects for dogs.

Anyway, gotta go harass and be the clown of the family. Love you Mom, hope you do well in school.


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